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Zwift on Apple TV
  • Will Holland

    You’ve mistaken the Look 765 to be the Look 785 Huez RS!

    • Dave Rome

      You are right! Wrong photo! Changing it now.

      • Tucker

        how odd… all the tool pics were taken by Dave Rome…

  • Patrick Murphy

    That Ridley looks pretty special.

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Park “Wine Tool”? Brilliant!!!

    • Luke

      About as relevant to cycling as GoPro camera drones…

      • Larry @CycleItalia

        Of course. I’m waiting for the complete test and review with lots of photos. Though I’d hazard a guess more cyclists drink wine than fart around with photo drones…but what do I know?

  • Joshua Colp

    Lake shoes look exactly like Lintaman adjust…..

  • EvilEuro

    Can you guys check with wheel manufacturers who are offering tubeless wheelsets and note in your photos and/or descriptions whether or not the rims are fully sealed or if they are open (thus requiring rim tape)? I presently run Shamal C17 Ultra 2-Way wheels and love them for the sealed rim. I was interested in both the Enve and Mavic carbon offerings (and the new Zipps as well), but all of those require rim tape.

    At last check only the Easton Aero 55’s offer a sealed rim in carbon. Well, those and the Corima Aero Tubeless, which are almost impossible to find.

  • Avuncular

    They’ve got wood!

  • Andy B

    I wish there was a magical place that stocked all brands and sizes In cycling shoes
    without that new releases are getting too expensive to take the gamble

  • Andy B

    I need those dura ace disc wheels in my life

  • Josh Saxe

    That La Tecnica from Vittoria looks sweet. Can we see the Velar too?

    • James Huang

      If I swing near there again today, I’ll try and get a few shots for you.

      • Josh Saxe

        That would be swell! Thank you, James!

  • What I’m really looking forward to is the announcement of a new bottom bracket standard.

    • Andy B

      just one??

  • Simon Wile

    That Kask Valegro… Mmmmmhmmmmm. Will be eyeing that off in the LBS soon for sure.

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Great reporting overall except for “Vittoria’s new road helmets look quite distinctive, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t see a lot of motivation to purchase one unless you just wanted to be different. There’s a very distinct lack of internal channeling in either model (which suggests they’ll be hot), and the overall designs seem well behind the times.”
    To be perfectly honest couldn’t one say the same thing about a LOT of stuff at this show, especially since all you can do is look at it and take photos? Perhaps you should obtain a test model and do a proper review. Our friends at Vittoria have been in the helmet biz a few years now and supply the Nippo-Vini Fantini team. On a more personal note, I wore an earlier model Vittoria helmet for a few seasons and to be perfectly honest I didn’t find it any more or less “hot” during summers in Italy than the Lazer model I wore before or the Limar model I’m currently wearing.

    • James Huang

      Helmet ventilation performance isn’t all that difficult to predict, and the better companies figured out the formula a while ago: strategically placed front and rear vents plus deep internal channels in between equal good higher-speed airflow; lots of vent surface area is good for letting hear escape at lower speeds.

      In the case of those Vitttoria helmets, I saw neither.

      Pro team sponsorship is indicative of nothing aside from a team accepting product and/or money for free. And just to be clear, I haven’t found most of the Lazer or Limar helmets I’ve tried to be class leaders in terms of ventilation, either.

      • Larry @CycleItalia

        Sorry, perhaps I overreacted? But since I didn’t see quotes like “I don’t see a lot of motivation to purchase one….” attached to any other product images in your piece and the Vittoria folks are friends, it put a dent in what I thought otherwise was a good report.

        • James Huang

          FYI, my first impressions of Oakley’s new helmet line wasn’t exactly favorable, either.

          When I say that I like something, I get called a shill. When I criticize something, people say I’m being harsh. Can’t please everyone, I guess.

          • Larry @CycleItalia

            OK, but you have to admit “not exactly favorable” does not appear anywhere in your comments about the Oakley helmet line and even if it did, that’s far different than “I don’t see a lot of motivation to purchase one….”
            But zero argument from me about pleasing everyone, you have a tough job as a tech reviewer. I find most of what you put out there well done in general.

            • James Huang

              I was just calling it as I saw it. I’ll happily admit I was wrong if I get one in for test and it actually ventilated better than expected, but at first glance, I thought I was looking at the inside of a helmet from a decade ago. The concept of internal channeling apparently hasn’t reached everywhere.

              • Larry @CycleItalia

                Or perhaps “the concept of internal channeling ..” doesn’t really do much in the end except justify a high price tag? As to a test, how could you eliminate the confirmation bias it seems you have regarding this feature?

                • James Huang

                  Perhaps, but I’ve lost track of how many helmets I’ve ridden just this past month, let alone the last ten years. If there’s a helmet out there with truly outstanding ventilation performance that *doesn’t* use internal channeling, I’ve yet to find it.

                  You can call it confirmation bias if you like, but I’d rather think of it as learning from experience.

  • Simon N

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