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  • Michele

    Hopefully Simon Jones has his chat about his “vision, ideas and plans for the future” after the Worlds have been run an won.

    • Andrew Gleeson

      I expect that Jones will be regularly tweaking his resume over the coming weeks.

    • The Nator

      Interesting that Jones mentions “sitting down and meeting the team”. It would appear that he has met with very few of the women at all. Even Tiff Cromwell mentioned this in an interview a few days ago.
      I would think that his first task would have been to contact, and meet, all potential team members some time ago.

      • DaveRides

        I think a better strategy in his first year at CA would have been for him to not get directly involved with individual riders, and instead trust the head coach who is a solid performer with an unquestionable commitment to the women’s team that crosses trade team boundaries.

        • Ryan

          The independent review disagree with your assessment about the competence of decision making made by the Head coach. Which is why there are now 7, not 5, riders.

          Get it together, David.

          • DaveRides

            Check your facts champ, the selection panel is convened by the High Performance Director (Jones) and not the national coach (Barras).

            What has you so hot under the collar? Missed out on a job at CA?

            One can only speculate as to why Jones relented and included Hosking ahead of other options when the panel was told to reconvene. Perhaps he’s gambling on it working as a ‘double or nothing’ scenario which will result in his position being cemented rather than jeopardised.

            • Ryan

              The selection panel for riders included the National coach.. what are you on about..

              What do you mean ‘speculate’. She is the best Australian rider by a significant margin. You’re a dope if she doesn’t make your shortlist. Which is obviously the conclusion of the independent review (not Simon, which you should know if you think you know anything) and why they are taking 7…

              Also to avoid the other disadvantages the team would have faced for taking 5. Keen to hear if you know what they would have been or are just blowing smoke

  • Daniel

    Agree with 7 being sent rather than 5 but the composition of the team is a bit out of whack now and not sure of the process of why only the girls that appealed have been selected. That doesnt seem right to me, if somebody much lesser known had appealed would it have been the same result? Feels like the selection process of having the best team rather than 7 individuals has been overlooked/bypassed. This is still largely an Orica squad and their teamwork in races this year has at times been questionable, their strongest performances as a team were when VanVleuten was a dedicated leader. If i were Jones I would get on the front foot now and declare the team is riding for X and make it well known. 4 riders thinking they are podium chances will not end well and there riders on this team who always ride their own race no matter what.

    • weiwentg

      If you are right that they didn’t put any effort into choosing a good team, then this is a further sign that Jones and Cycling Australia aren’t committed to the women’s team.

      • Stanley Rich

        The selectors have backgrounds in the men’s game. Most have limited direct experience with women’s cycling.

        Opportunity here for structural improvement.

    • lost2bikesthatway

      Riders have to make the long team before being able to be selected for the final team. You need to look at the long team to see who can actually be selected. Not a lot of young girls have the results to make it on the long team plus I suspect that at this late stage they were restricted by names that had already been provided to the UCI.

      • DaveRides

        Have you seen the criteria to gain an automatic entry on the long list? It’s only one step away from including “ride down to the shops and back” on there!

        A lesson from this year would be to model next year’s selection criteria on the selection criteria for the men’s team, where the blunt instrument of UCI ranking points is ignored and automatic selection to the long list is only won by performing in certain specified races of which none are the easy ones on Australian soil.

        • Ryan

          If this was the case, how do you overlook Chloe Hosking, who won more races than the combined National team? She also won more recently, on a very similar course to the World Chanpionship course..

          You need to educate yourself, Dave. You have a lot of negative things to say about Chloe, but your statements show you’re a big ignorant about women’s cycling.

    • DaveRides

      Deciding on strategy for the race sounds more like a job for Marv Barras (whose commitment to the women’s team is unquestionable) than Simon Jones, given he is the head coach and DS.

      He will certainly have his work cut out, given the best contenders on that hilly course are also the riders most capable of riding for the team rather than themselves.

      • Ryan

        Again, there is more than one outcome possible in this race. Anyone who is aware of cycling can see that..

        Accounting for only one outcome with riders who haven’t shown they can win in that scenario (as evidenced by the lack of results shared by the initial 5 riders) is poor management and likely why there has been a re-structure in Cycling Australia.

        Again, Dave, more research. Please.

  • Ashok Captain

    SG and CT, thank you for the various articles about this. There’s going to be some fierce racing, just the way it should be. All the best!

    • DaveRides

      > There’s going to be some fierce racing, just the way it should be.

      And that will just be within the Australian team! That squad of seven is stacked with big egos and thin on team riders.

  • winkybiker

    They’ll feel some pressure to not DNF.

    • DaveRides

      It’s not that simple in a world championship circuit race. If the DS (Marv Barras) formulates a proper strategy there will be a couple of riders whose job will be to go back and forth from the team car fetching bidons for the first 5-6 laps and then swing off when their job is done.

      A DNF is more than acceptable in that circumstance, and much better to do that than if they flip off the DS and ride for themselves without getting a podium finish.

      I think we all know which rider will be riding for herself AND getting a DNF when she gets shelled on the climb. It could be a career ending move.

      • winkybiker

        You’re right, of course.

      • Ryan

        Again, some Chloe Hosking negativity.

        Generaly, your above comment is laughable.

        If a DS cannot recognise the assets they have in front of them and use them effectively, they have no business being there.

        You sitting here getting mad and spewing nonsense doesn’t change that.

        Sit down.

        • winkybiker

          Is DaveRides talking about Chloe Hosking? Seems to be quite a negative comment, for sure. But it is probably true that she isn’t there for the win, so she must work for the others. The team will presumably have “game plan” with each riders’ role clearly understood, along with some contingent strategies.

          • Ryan

            He seems to be quite jilted about it. Yes.

            Really it depends on the strategy. Ultimately, she will likely end up marking breaks. If she gets in one which decides to take her to the finish thinking they can drop her on a hill that is good for Aus. If the break doesn’t work because she is in it and they don’t want to try drop her, she has been effective at ‘marking’ it.

  • Observer

    If the results don’t show with 7 riders, then perhaps the focus shouldn’t be on Simon Jones, but the riders. He has showed his hand, and now the riders theirs. Be interesting to see who comes up trumps.

    • alex

      Does this mean if the men’s team doesn’t get a podium that they all shouldn’t have been selected? The selection needs to give them the best chance to succeed. Whether or not Australia gets on the podium is irrelevant (though would be an added bonus). Maybe someone comes 10th – no one could say whether that result would have been better or worse with 5 riders but as the review panel obviously agreed 7 riders (whether or not these are the best riders that were eventually chosen) gave Australia a better chance.

      • Observer

        I think the same expectation is and should be on the men. Either the team performs on the day or questions need to be asked. They aren’t funded to just get out there and give it a go, enjoy the experience. They are funded on results.

        • alex

          I agree that there should be an expectation that they perform and the ASC has certainly embedded this (for better or worse, in my view worse because it is a short sighted policy) in a lot of sport funding. However, your sentiment that picking 7 riders means they need to perform now (any more so than with 5 riders) is exactly what the issue was. The women have, in points, outperformed the men yet there was no question of taking a full male contingent. I know Jones suggested he would have preferred that he didn’t send a full men’s team. The issue was CA wouldn’t have countenanced sending less men but was ok about handicapping the women. One result from one day can’t wipe out the fact that they have performed consistently well throughout the season.

        • winkybiker

          No questions will be needed, other than “How much money should we give people to ride their bikes from now on?”. It’s all just a game. They’re funded because they are faster than the rest (from their country). The level of performance in this event will affect future funding for better or worse, but the funding they receive for this little holiday is already a done deal. I wish them luck, but sports competition is a worse than a zero-sum game. For every winner, there are very many losers.

  • Derek Maher

    Just going to say good luck to the Aussie Team and hope they can ride relaxed and smart after all the recent coming and going with selections.

  • Cruz er

    This is great news, and I really feel both earned their spots. This theft has been corrected.
    Neylan is actually a champion that is capable of winning on this course, and opening a lot of options for the team to play.
    She is someone the other teams must take seriously. Neylan has also been coming on strong lately, and her form is seems perfect.

    Hosking outright earned her spot, regardless of how she performs. The fact that Jones could not give a clear, straight answer as to why
    the team is missing two riders, much less these two, speaks volumes about how full his pants are.

    The women flat out need better leadership. If one thinks Jones decision here was beyond terrible and completely non sensical,
    that kind of thinking rarely is an isolated case. Usually, that is endemic of someone with a serious lack of vision and inability to explain said lack of vision.

  • easytiger

    Politics aside, I think the problem is not 5 or 7 riders, but do we have a strategy to win? I would rather take 5 with a strategy, than 7 with none.

    Sagan hasn’t had a problem winning with only 2 teammates – he knows he can’t compete with the big teams, so only uses his energy and that of his team to get him in the deciding break, or near the front at the pointy end of the race.

    I hope that Simon Jones has a plan, and that by adding Rachel and Chloe it is the candle on the icing on the cake, and not the case of too many cliches spoil the broth.


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