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  • jh

    Those Lezyne brass bells are awesome! is the small one similar in size to spurcycle? what’s the approximate diameter of the bells? thanks for the great coverage…

    • James Huang

      The medium-sized one is slightly bigger than the Spurcycle, I’d say, and the smallest one is substantially smaller.

  • BicycleSteve

    Xpedo Thrust is the Duke Nukem Forever of bike parts.

    • Eugene Chan

      I actually lol’d.

  • marc

    dropper post for a gravel/cross bike – I can see that working actually (although not good for bikepacking with a saddle bag potentially…)

    • I’ve heard one view… not saying I agree with it… that dropper posts on road bikes also work for those not gifted at descending. Which is was probably the exact same market as MTB’s really!

      So really the question is, would it help someone like Porte on a mountain descent?

      • ZigaK
        • James Huang

          That’s not a dropper post. That FSA design just allowed for micro-adjustment of saddle height on the fly by twisting the collar, not 100mm of instant drop.

          • ZigaK

            I didn’t notice who was the author of the report on fsa “dropper” :)

      • James Huang

        There are potentially benefits not only in terms of descending (by virtue of lowering the rider’s center of gravity), but also aerodynamics since you can so dramatically reduce your frontal area. In effect, it’d be like the “Froome position” without the sketchiness.

        And lowering that center of gravity wouldn’t just help those who aren’t gifted at descending, either. If anything, it would likely make good descenders go even faster.

        In any event, I’m intrigued.

        • ZigaK

          *”Mohori? position” might be a better name?

  • fisao

    Superb presentation again from you guys, with great pictures showing an amazing eye for details, thank you for all the work and news!

  • Douglass

    The KHS Grit 440 gravel bike has black WTB Byway 47 tires. But according to the wtb site there are no black tires only brown/black. Is the black wtb byway also new??

    • James Huang

      I haven’t discussed this with WTB, but keep in mind that companies produce OEM-only versions of their products all the time.

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