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  • marc

    I like this piece – well written. Thankyou Juliana. I’m glad the organisers are did a lot of thinking and risk assessing prior to the event start to reduce the risk to participants whom, as you said, would’ve ridden it ‘rogue’ regardless.

  • Great and moving piece. Thank you Juliana and everyone involved for making this years TCR happen. It was indeed the adventure of a lifetime an I can’t wait to get a chance to hopefully participate again.

  • Drpav83

    Great words Juliana.

  • Legacy… Well written, Juliana.

  • jstack6

    We all have to continue to ride. The dangers will always be there but as we continue we all win.
    It’s much more dangerous to drive a car. Be safe and steady.

  • Nick Hutton

    I have a slightly different take. I’m a TCR and TDR veteran. I was one of the lucky 300 who got a place on the TCR this year. However, I’ve become increasingly uneasy with the concept of ultra endurance road riding. Mikes death was a wake up call for me and my family. After many sleepless nights i cancelled my plans for Belguim. As news of 1st Eric’s and then Franks death was made public, my wife hugged me each time and thanked me for my decision not to race.
    I still ride. I ride lots. But I don’t ride on main roads at night. I ride in the bush. I ride gravel roads and increasingly I ride my mountain bike again. I understand others will feel differently. Prominent bikepackers tweet with catchy hashtags blaming car drivers and the public at large for these deaths. That’s their choice. I know if I’m not putting myself at risk, my kids will still have me for years to come.

    • Great perspective, Nick. Thanks for sharing.

    • marc

      I certainly agree with you Nick – we can all do our own bit to reduce the risk to ourselves. This approach to bush/gravel/offroad is one that I’m choosing more and more too. And in some ways it’s perfectly timed with the onslaught of gravel/cx bikes becoming far more available than ever before. (And of course the excuse to get a new bike that’s built for purpose, because its safer offroad doesn’t hurt either….hahaha)

  • Stian Pollestad

    Endurance racing must be regulated to prevent zombie riders on public roads.

    • Driving a vehicle is highly regulated, yet zombie drivers on public roads still exist.

  • Thomas Eke

    Why does the article state Juliana is ‘one of the world’s leading female ultra-endurance cyclists’, do you guys not realise she is one of the leading riders, period, irrespective of sex?

  • Barry

    I became an avid dot watcher when Jesse Carlsson won the trans-am back in 2015. The concept of this racing really appealed to me, since then I have followed avidly. These riders are an inspiration to me. However I have to admit since the death of Mike and others I am starting to reflect and not so keen as I once was. I strongly bellieve we shouldn’t participate in activities just becuase there is risk involved. Lives are meant to be lived. But there is a threshold to this an in my mind we seem to be getting closer. Isle of Mann racing for example I cannot get inspired about, the frequent loss of life that occurs is just ridiculous in my mind.
    I hope the organisers of these racers can come up with a way to improve safety but this seems a difficult task without distracting from the event itself .


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