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  • Eric Blair

    Excellent piece!

    One niggling typo, though: “However, cycling groups tend to be divided: riders on fixed gear mountain bikes, and racing bikes all have their own groups.” I was amazed that fixed gear mtbs were so popular.

    • Neal Rogers

      Gah! Right you are. Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Eric Blair

        Your article reminds me of the Disaster Relief Trials they hold every year here in the western U.S. Much different vibe than regular folks spontaneously getting on their bikes to help, though. Much more like gluten-free doomsday prepping. https://disasterrelieftrials.com/

  • DarrylD

    Bikes are a great post-disaster supply. After a hurricane a few years back, roads were blocked by trees, cell phone service was spotty and gas stations closed. I used my bike to ride around town, to check on friends and find open stores. This disaster was much, much worse, obviously. This is a truly inspiring story.

  • Dissoluto Punito

    Nice post. It gives me a beacon of hope.

December 16, 2017
December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017