Introducing the latest release from MAAP

We’re pleased to be featuring the September collection of lightweight and performance-driven apparel by MAAP

Photography by Pauline Ballet

Since MAAP’s birth in late 2014, the Melbourne-based apparel brand has been committed to bringing the best in material and fit innovations to cyclists at every level. Followers of the CyclingTips Emporium will be familiar with their commitment to furthering the aesthetic and style of cycling. Six months on from their ‘In the Field’ adventure in Utah (read the story here), MAAP have ventured to Slovenia, to explore the Julijske Alps and put their latest range of ergonomically engineered, and lightweight apparel to the test.

MAAP has always applied ‘a combination of experiences, feedback and product testing from over 15 years of riding and racing’ (Jarrad Smith, MAAP Co-founder) to develop their products, so they bring a weight of experience which informs their choices around style, innovation and performance.

The new September release incorporates a substantial range of men’s and women’s apparel, catering for the shifting seasons of both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

The Element Capsule is aimed at elevated performance, including form-fitting, aerodynamic jerseys that incorporate the wind-tunnel tested Hex-tech® fabric.

The Pro-Base Range incorporates MAAP’s impressive Pro Base fabric – a knitted and pre-dyed fabric resulting in a super soft finish, perfect for those long hours on the bike and bringing a new standard of comfort to your ride. Adding to the versatility of their latest range, MAAP has a range of Long Sleeve Jerseys available including their thermal M-flag Pro Base Long Sleeve, perfect for those cooler seasons and shifting weather conditions.

The changes to MAAP’s range are more than just skin deep, with one of the key components of the new September release being a revision of their bib short. The ergonomically-enhanced Team Bib 2.0 features MAAP’s newly engineered chamois coupled with comfortable yet durable pre-dyed Pro Base material to produce their most technologically advanced bib short to date.

Ken Ballhause, lead Sports Scientist and founder of Melbourne-based Adaptive Human Performance, had this to say about the ergonomically enhanced chamois: “the chamois is a core element that really has the ability to make or break a garment. The development of the Team Bib 2.0 provides a substantial improvement to ride quality, through the application of ergonomic concepts, anatomical considerations and knowledge of the demands of modern-day cycling.”

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emporium. Photography by Pauline Ballet.