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  • Michele

    I love these articles. Numbers I can only dream about, but super impressive by all nonetheless.

    • Nitro

      Speak for yourself !

      After reading “Kazahkztan’s team captain Alexey Lutsenko rode at just 138W for nearly 37 minutes”, I’m turning pro !

      • jules

        that was his warmdown routine ;)

      • Michele

        I thought about turning pro. That was until I read Vermeulen peak one-minute power took place in opening km.

        I reckon I could do similar numbers, but I reckon the DS would be upset with me if pulled out 90 seconds into the race.

        • Nitro

          You cant pull out 90 seconds into the race – I thought that was my role – cunningly disguised as rolling back to the team car to pick up drinks after 750m… and then getting lost on my way back to the peloton…

          Love these articles – They always make me go check my Strava power curve (which after 2 months off the bike – injury – looks even worse than it normally does !)

  • Luke Bartlett

    love the analysis. also loved watching Haig cruise up the climb in the break group while other quote/unquote larger riders pushing it up there.

  • Allez Rouleur

    Their power and speed are truly amazing. Wow.

    I’d like to see some of this done for cyclocross. Whenever I watch a race I’m blown away how fast those guys go on difficult courses. Jeez.

  • KJ

    28km/h on a 6% gradient is ridiculous

    • patrikbeno

      That’s around 520W. I do it daily. On a 30 seconds climb. :-)


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