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Photo gallery: Gravel, beer and frites at the inaugural Dirty Boar

Photography by Franziska Wernsing, Severine Cauwenbergh and TJAMP

  • winkybiker

    Great photos. Looks a great day out!

    LTD is truly one of the coolest guys in the pro peloton! I’d do a selfie too, if I bumped into him on a ride.


    This remains one of my favourite cycling photos…

    • Stefan Haverkamp

      I would, too. But he flew past me way too fast at kilometer 70 on that day. But he said a friendly “hi” when he saw the surprised expression on my face :-D

  • Guys, I read ‘beer and frites’ and had to scroll to 3 from the bottom before I saw a photo of either #clickbait ;-)

    • As is the case with almost all of our galleries, the photos are arranged in chronological order. And given the beer and frites happened at the end of the ride …

      • Bas

        Yeah, I felt like cycling 170km to finally get your hands on both a beer and a frites was way to long. Next year they should start serving ’em at breakfast.


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December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
December 11, 2017