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  • NJDr

    Not a fan of the bike change in any TTs. It adds such an artificial quality.

    • Hayden Bull

      Couldn’t agree more, they should have to make a choice and then stick with it for the duration. That would make it far more intriguing.

    • Matt DeMaere

      My guess is that allowing changes and pushes is to address the issue that team’s might claim “mechanical” and switch/push bikes anyhow. Post-race verification of an officially acceptable reason would be problematic. Putting in a climb big enough to make a switch strategically beneficial is the problem. Sometime soon, they should put in a MTB downhill or gravel grind, so we can have multiple bike switches. It’ll be the new all bike multi-sport event.

      • ZigaK

        Sagan would be just too dominating in such an event.

      • Antonz

        Couldn’t the officials just mandate that any replacement bikes have to be identical to the original? That would nullify the “fake mechanical” issue.

    • I can see both sides of this. Yes, it would be kinda nice if they stayed on the same bikes throughout, for purity’s sake. But at the same time it’s an option available to everyone. No one’s getting an unfair advantage. Plus, someone’s bound to botch the transition somehow and that will be entertaining to watch.

      • ZigaK

        It is really sad if botching it is the entertaining part of the sport.

        • MattHurst

          Oh I don’t know, I have seem some of the triathlon changes you tube botches, and I loved it ;)

          • jules

            and will they start drinking from the wrong side of the bottle or put their helmet on backwards?!

        • Steve S

          Like when some chump went down the ramp and straight into an official.

        • Neal Rogers

          Really? Seems like it falls under the “bike handling” umbrella to me.

          • ZigaK

            At best it falls under “bad bike handling”. For me, brilliant bike handling is entertaining and one of the reasons the sport of bicycle racing is so compelling.
            Botching a bike swap is at best a slapstick. No need to have a multi million enterprise such as pro cycling to produce such entertainment. All you need is a phone and someone to hold the beer.

            • Neal Rogers

              Ha. Maybe UCI needs a new discipline! Well, many in top 10 didn’t swap bikes, including first and third. I thought it added an interesting element — good swaps, bad swaps, and no swaps.

    • jules

      I’m looking forward to how riders tackle the bike change. there are 3 options:
      1. switch bikes
      2. stick with full TT bike
      3. use aero road bike with clip-ons

      for a 50km TT, the bike switch would seem logical. at 30km, it’s a bit of a dilemma I reckon. 20km is not much and it’s also lumpy. I wonder if anyone will go for #3?

      • Stian Pollestad

        Boasson Hagen will use his aero road bike with TT bars. The link is in norwegian but look at the bottom picture: http://www.procycling.no/boasson-hagen-pa-plass-i-ergen-det-viktigste-i-ar/

      • Sean

        Or what about Option 4…
        CX style pit lane change where you have a crew waiting ahead for a running bike change. Much less time lost if practiced and done properly ;)

    • Nick Squillari

      Sorry, but when every aspect of equipment in a TT is designed purely for the pursuit of speed how should a bike change add any sort of artificial quality?

      Unless the change is for Femke Van den Driessche’s bike, it respects to the purity of the discipline completely. Even more so if you’re a true Luddite and wished we still raced TTs Merckx style.

  • Andy B


  • Couple of additional thoughts from me:

    – From an Aussie perspective, it’s a real shame Richie Porte isn’t fit and healthy for this TT. He would have been a genuine chance of winning.
    – It’s also a shame that only the elite men get to race up Mount Fløyen. Why not include the climb in the elite women’s course? Sure, Annemiek van Vleuten will probably win on either course, but still.
    – My pick: Dumoulin to be ahead leading into the final climb, but Froome to pull back time to win the gold medal. Zakarin third.

    • Observer

      None of the courses were going to have the climb except that a number of Federations pushed for it to be included in the Mens race. So not an organisers decision to not send the Women up the climb, but rather one that should be bounced back to the individual Federations.

  • nzspambot

    Is that a gel under the shorts on the left leg or something else?

    • Correct.

    • jules

      it’s common to carry a gel in case of hunger flat. how you get hunger flat in a 30km TT I don’t understand, unless you skipped breakfast but given it’s the World Champs? also limited value once you’re already suffering symptoms. you’ll feel good at the finish :)

  • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

    it will be between Dumolin and Bodnar – Bodnar proved in the final TDF ITT that he can manage with a short steep climb on ITT bike.

    • It would be a cool result if Bodnar got the win, but the Mount Fløyen climb is three times as long as the Notre Dame climb that featured in stage 20 of the TDF (the climbs have very similar gradients). Also: I suspect that having the climb at the end probably changes things as well.

    • rocktheboat

      Unlikely given the length and steepness of the climb. Don’t discount Rohan Dennis if he got back to 100%, this has been a target for him. Lots of ‘ifs’ but if Dumoulin has 10-20 seconds over Froome going into the climb he should close it. If Froome has his Angliru form he could take 20-30 seconds over his main competitors on the climb alone.

      Dumoulin is the bookies’ favourite. Cracking parcours and should be a cracking race.

  • Here’s the full list of ITTs Froome and Dumoulin have both competed in. The top four are the most relevant: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4337387e82d774d339931638a24c57dc6276e262a5095760002c6f4ef1387db4.png

    • Ruben Lampe

      all results pre 2014 are basically useless as Dumoulin was 22 there.

      So it’s more like 4-1 Dumoulin

  • Stewie Griffin

    The length of this final climb suits Roglic very well, IF he is in full shape, he is indeed a podium contender. Hoping for an outsider win nonetheless.

  • Nick Squillari

    There’s a ‘bicycle exchange zone’. If only there was a boss whose business name would have made for the ideal sponsor for a bike exchange section…


  • Cruz er

    Lame TT course.
    Where’s the hurdles, climbing wall and jump rope section to go along with the stupid parcourse.

  • plain__bagel

    Time for Dumoulin to take down Froome

    • rocktheboat


  • jh

    is the location of the bike change location a factor? do they want to change at the very base/beginning of the incline, or after the incline begins? Although it’s interesting, I prefer “normal” rolling TT parcours and think they should have passed on including this type of climb. Perhaps a steep 1k climb to the finish would better represent the TT rainbows next year.
    I think this is Froomes to lose.

  • Slapparoo

    Is Richie Porte riding, I would have thought he would be a major contender on a course like this?

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