Yes, you read that right; Marianne Vos, the two-time Olympic gold medallist, three-time road world champion and seven-time cyclocross world champion, is joining us at this year’s Holden Giro della Donna.

Vos, unquestionably one of the top cyclists of the modern era, will be taking part in the cyclocross event on Saturday, having a chat with us at our Evening with Vos pasta dinner, and riding the stunning 125-kilometre Giro della Donna on Sunday. So, if you are as excited as us about the prospect of rubbing shoulders with this multi-discipline cycling phenomenon, come and join us for a weekend of spectacular riding and company to match.

Many of you will know about the 125-kilometre Giro della Donna which features plenty of climbing, a touch of gravel and an abundance of spectacular scenery. This year there is also the option of riding the scenic 60-kilometre Gravel Giro which takes in the lesser-ridden gravel climb up Mt Donna Buang. Then, for those who prefer lots of small obstacle-strewn loops instead, there is cyclocross racing where every member of the family right from the toddler on a balance bike can come out and throw themselves into the action.

For more information, and to sign up for the Holden Giro della Donna, click here. We look forward to seeing you in November!

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This is what cycling is all about. Getting away with your mates, family, or friends and enjoying a fully packed weekend of cycling in a stunning setting.

Saturday 25 November:

– Afternoon Cyclocross races

– Kids race

– Entertainment in the village expo area

– Glamping option in the village

Sunday 26 November:

– Giro della Donna (125km Timed event on closed + managed roads)

– Gravel Giro option (60km / 1500m)

We hope to see you there on the 25+26 November!