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  • Andy B

    would buy if full of candy.

    • Simon Wile


    • dllm

      how about “260g of snakes”?

    • Keir

      It’s made in Australia, it’s not candy they’re lollies

  • Ashok Captain

    Umm . . . the snakes look like caterpillars, at least the yellow one in the background does.

  • Phill Lucas

    I think we should push for the candy capacity index as the standard metric for journalistic work on bags.

    • Eric Hancock

      This is an excellent idea.

  • James Huang

    Is it bad that I can tell from the shape and color of the bears that they’re Haribos?

    • I had you in mind when deciding on what to fill the bags with, James.

    • Phill Lucas

      With your gummy bear… affinity, I think we could expect that. Ps, See comment above, please adopt new standard ;)

    • roklando

      are there any other gummy bears???!!


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