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  • Corey Ingleton

    I’m not sure I understand how a 27 point lead in overall standings, when Madrid paid 120 points for a win alone, is called dominant?
    But I also don’t understand given such a small margin, why Annemiek van Vleuten didn’t enter Madrid. Is there some rule which says you can only enter a certain number of events? Or do you have to enter them many months in advance or something?

    • Dave

      Annemiek is focused on Bergen, and racing round Madrid in an event she had little chance of winning meaningful points in did not fit in with her preparation for the Worlds. She’d have needed to finish in the first 9 to overtake Anna… very unlikely in a pure sprinters’ race. The WWT was never a priority for her this season.

      • Corey Ingleton

        Thanks Dave. Yeah, just seems strange to me that after getting the leaders jersey earlier in the season that winning the WWT didn’t become a priority for her or Orica Scott.

      • Water Desk

        I know it wasn’t a priority for her to win the WWT but I kept thinking if she had at least entered one of the Scandinavian races (Ladies Tour of Norway etc.) she would have easily taken the lead from Anna (who did race both Scandinavian races in Sweden and Norway). I know she was training for world’s at that time but she didn’t even race Plouay!
        She was great in Bergen and had a legitimate chance of winning double rainbows but I still felt like (besides the BLT) she neglected the last block of the season.
        Either way she’s still number 1 in the world, but imagine if she was the leader of the WWT, Ranked #1, and double world champ (I’m happy for Chantal BUT I wish there was a bit more excitement at the end of the race. Solo victories are great, but not nail biting.)

  • ZigaK

    The picture on the top is just absurd.

  • Derek Maher

    Anna sure knows how to win races reading the vital breaks well most of the time. Well done to her and her Team and I like the top photo. Classic style.


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