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  • Sunny Ape

    That Evo Disc certainly is decent value for money, even if the groupset is the out-going version. Put the money saved into a set of light carbon wheels and use the OEM wheels for training…. you’ve got two bikes for the price of one. A pity that nasty lime green isn’t available for the disc model!

  • Mark

    Planet X (UK based online company) has done a similar thing with resurrecting the Viner brand.

  • Rom Phillips

    They seem pretty heavy for carbon bikes. I’ve got some old BMC Al bikes that weigh almost the same.

  • Front tire on backwards?

    • So that was what was holding the bike back!

      • Ashok Captain

        Great retort! : D : D!

      • Ashok Captain

        Good catch!

  • takethattakethat

    So an open mold Chinese frame rides just as good as every other name brand frame costing thousands of dollars who would have thought

  • gentileben

    So the disc version costs $300 more, is 1.7 pounds heavier, and less aero. How is this better? Typically you pay about a $1000 a pound to make a bike lighter. Now you pay get to pay more to make a bike heavier?

    Road disc is being shoved down our throat by media and the industry.

    I can see it on an “all road” bike where you can use tires greater than 32c, or on a touring bike where you need more powerful braking because of load, or if you ride in the rain a lot, or if you really have to have carbon rims and do a lot of really steep descents, but on a dedicated road bike that fits 28c or less tires just plain stupid.

    And yes I have tried several bikes with road discs.


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