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  • DaveRides

    I’m confused, what ‘rights’ are supposed to have been signed away by Ballester? You would think that it is the first time a movie has ever told a story with a focus on one character, they have that disclaimer about real events/people for a reason.

    It was also quite a crap movie, he is better off disassociating himself from it and letting Walsh take all the blame.

    • zosim

      I guess he is saying that he wanted some money from the production for his work in cracking the story. It seems from the quote he’s happy not to be character.

      • DaveRides

        If his argument is that the movie is the film version of LA Confidentiel rather than a separate work, then it’s an extremely ambitious claim.

  • Wily_Quixote

    *rubs eyes with irritation*

    So, Ballester is aggrieved because he was neglected from what was essentially a dramatisation of ‘real events’, not a documentary.

    FFS, I suppose Kim Jong Un will now sue because his ‘sensitive side’ was left out of Team America.

    • BenW

      Say you and a work colleague did a project together for a long time, just the two of you, and when the time came to present the project to head office both head office and your colleague pretended you weren’t there and it was like you were an invisible man? And not only that, you weren’t paid anywhere near as much and saw minimal benefits? How would you feel?

      • Shane Stokes


      • Wily_Quixote

        Lucky that no one made a crappy movie out of it.


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