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  • Ken

    Beauty. Love it when a builder puts so much thoughts into a product and is willing to explore.

  • d;

    This has to be the pinnacle of a bike built specifically for you.
    I was thinking more Wicked than Yo, but either way it sure pops.

  • De Mac


  • David

    Nice looking bike, the way the colors flow into each other and extend to the stem and seat post makes the whole bike look like a complete unit rather than a frame with a bunch of mismatched components installed. And, those welds look perfect. I can’t see any info re price and weight, be interested to know: I’ll take a look at the website if they have one.

    • Neil_Robinson
      • Darren told me the site is about to get a makeover so it will have info on the Orbis as well as a couple of other new models that have just been added to his range. Shouldn’t be any more than a few days before they throw the switch on the new content.

        • Nitro

          Cue the stampede.

          Which may include me, unless Mrs Nitro has started looking at this site in which case I’ll deny everything…

      • David

        Thank you

      • Baum’s new website is live now: http://baumcycles.weebly.com

  • Felix Ivan Williamson

    Absolutely stunning. Want.

    • Nitro

      Respectfully but completely disagree. Its not a “Want”. Its a “Need”

  • Lyrebird_Cycles

    Quote: “when I get all this right, nobody notices it”.

    Rest assured, some of us are seriously impressed. Those chainstays are a superb example of craftsmanship.

  • It’s a bit understated

  • Ssanchez

    Cant help but think matte jet CK hubs would be icing on the cake.
    gorgeous chainstays, too

  • noob_sauce

    What is more expensive, a Baum or a retina transplant?

  • Velt


  • CCB

    wow! stunning..

  • Alan Walker

    Nice to see a real pump.

    • Mark

      got to get that 41 psi somehow.

  • Michael Sproul

    Too much awesome.

  • Steve S

    Where’s the Wikstrom signature bike stand???

    • Fyxo took the photos, not me, and he is known for eschewing bike stands.

  • Rowan

    Mechanical Art !
    Ganz Schön !

  • TypeVertigo

    Beautiful machine. I have a soft spot for painted titanium bikes and this is well done.

    Also incredible is how finely considered every design detail is. It smacks of real attention to detail and I agree with every single one. Great, great rig. Thanks for this piece, CT.

  • caliente

    What is Darren’s size? It looks like a long top tube 55cm? Just curious.
    Really happy to read this article. Great interview and in depth!

  • Jamie

    Money is no object, this is my build. Absolutely stunning and thank you for such a detailed write up!

  • winkybiker

    That’s a real beauty. I’m going to have try hard to find a nit to pick here. It really is a stunning build (Seat is, of course, puke-inducing horrendous, but that is a given).

    One comment is that with the horizontal TT, the stem should perhaps be a -17 degree for classic aesthetics. The top tube would have to come up a bit, making for a slightly longer HT (nice) and a little less seat-post. A more traditional aesthetic. Otherwise, have the stem painted with a black section at the back, like the seat-post, so the kink between the TT and stem is less obvious.

    • WheelNut

      Good observation. It would look better with a 17* stem and a bit more head tube. The only issue may have been standover height with the higher TT. Perhaps the rider has slightly short legs.

      • Wily_Quixote

        Yes it isquite possible that the framebuilder owner preferred a bike that he could ride than a bike that had the angles that you preferred.

        • winkybiker

          My suggestion was based on the aesthetic, but I also discuss the other changes required to maintain identical geometry. Of course the fit matters most, but there are many was to get there.

          • d;

            Personally, 17 stem matches bar (flat to hoods). Alternatively since this is a custom frame, the builder could make a matching stem. Sod all that, what you see seems to be what Baum likes.

    • It’s a sloping TT.

      This bike is flawless.

      Just my 2c.

      • Winky

        Really? Pretty subtle. It is indeed flawless from what I can see. A fantastic build. (My comments were purley my personal taste and not intended as criticism – well, except for the seat!)

        (I have 3 of your t-shirts. They’re great, too)

        • d;

          Can’t you look past the SMP looks and see that it is clamped slam bang in the middle of the rails? And a zero setback post at that.

          • Winky

            That is all true, and is a feature of the custom frame being a perfect fit. It doesn’t make the seat any more beautiful, though.

            • d;

              The first time(s) I looked at an SMP I thought weird & ugly, but now that it is my seat of choice I don’t mind the looks at all. I won’t say it’s beautiful but I’m smug when I see new saddles like the Power and Stealth having the same long or full length cutout.

              • Winky

                Long-time non-cutout SLR user here. Never felt the need to try anything else. But seat choice is absolutely the most personal aspect of bike fit. No absolute truths except that it must be comfortable.

        • You can make it out in the opening shot. Just. The other shots are visually misleading, but not intentially.

          I’m with you 300% on the saddle.


        • Sean Doyle

          I would design it so the clamp is sitting at 2/3 back. The SMP is design for a fairly rearward seating position and with carbon rails I’d prefer less of a cantilever. Just using a setback would be perfect actually. YMMV of course.

  • toni796

    and another dream bike, life isn’t long enough for all this pretty bikes

  • Martin Hayman

    That is a splendid looking bike. Congratulations!

  • redhead322

    Braver than me for propping up such a bike in a crack in the wall and a stone under the tire for balance!

    • Live by the sword…

  • 2wheelsandme

    Thats a tight build! great colorway… my crystal ball says I will be riding a similar build as my next…

  • Ashok Captain

    Super build! I’m curious – any reason why the ‘head inside’ spokes on both sides of the front wheel are aimed forwards/ don’t trail; ditto drive side spokes for the rear wheel? Is it something to do with the disc brake forces/ rotors?

  • oak

    awesome looking piece of craftsmanship would love to see a photo without the pump.

  • Sascha

    It’s good to see paint jobs from the late eighties back…unfortunately fluros fade.

  • Paul O’Connell

    I’ve got an Independent Fabrication Ti Crown Jewel Disc that I had built in 2013. That Baum seems to deal with the few minor issues that I have with that bike (too stiff at the margin, post mount brakes) and still has all the good bits (clearance, discs, di2, and those perfect cane creek headsets!)

    But my god, the price. Price was what put me off Baum the first time around and I gotta say, it’s still the same. That’s $AUD5,000 more than an IF Ti Crown Jewel, $AUD5,000 more than an Alchemy, hell it’s almost $AUD1500 more than a Parlee Z Zero. Yes, you get a stem and seatpost for the difference, but that’s only $300.

    Veblen good is what the economists call them.

  • OverIt

    I admire his teams work, and can see the details. But $11K+ for a frame module?… Sorry I’m not seeing the value anymore in the brand. Which is a shame, as I really wanted to buy one at some point in the near future for a special birthday maybe. :(

  • Michael Callaghan

    I am about to place an order and I was certain I wanted a Corretto, as you can fit a 28 measured. Now? Not so sure it will be a Corretto…..

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