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  • donncha

    Basically we’re implementing the GB model. Olympics is all that matters and we’ll barely show up for Worlds.

    BTW, any sign of that NRS review that’s being going for two years or so?

  • Neil

    As a CA member, I find this news utterly uninspiring.
    Nothing for juniors, nothing for the vast majority of members. Does Nick Green realise that CA exists for more than Olympic medals? And that the majority of its members are road riders, who receive bugger all? No advocacy regarding road safety and infrastructure, no support to clubs to help with sanctioning, and seems to have done more harm than good to the NRS. Cycling in Australia needs two bodies – one for the Olympics and one for the rest of us, that actually advocates for and supports its members.

    • Oliver Reid

      I think we need lean on the states for junior participation events as the national body will only look after national interests, I like the move to track focus I think its a great foundation for riders to develop skills and get into the sport – its inspiring from a visual stand point for juniors at olympic time and we know that once in cycling the bug catches you to try other forms.

      NRS is a tough nut to crack a womens race at each event, not sure how track will fit in but a crit and road race combo is a better fit, potentially trying to place the events on a Fri/Sat/Sun could also have more spectator interest (sorry I have no time during the working week to watch live cycling)

      • Neil

        I ride track, as do my kids. It is a great foundation, but not the equal of mountain biking or BMX for skill development, and is probably the least accessible of all cycling disciplines. And the research suggest that the inspirational value of sport to increasing participation is vastly overstated. The Sydney Olympics haven’t lead to a new golden age in Australian sport, in the same way that Australia doesn’t have a huge bank of elite leg spinners inspired by Warney. And if we were looking for the most inspiring cycling achievements over the last 10 years, I’m pretty sure the results of a road rider who was developed through mountain biking programs would top the list.
        The fact is the national body represents the membership of the organisation. How does this advance the interests of the members, who are largely road riders? How does it represent their biggest concerns about the sport – licence costs, road safety, infrastructure.

        • Robert Merkel

          From the latest CA annual report:

          Income from memberships: ~2.3 million.
          Income from Australian Sports Commission high performance program funding: ~8.3 million.

          Who do you think comes first in CA’s priorities?

  • RayG

    Hey, they’re doing important stuff. Like making you get a licence to carry a camera on your bike during races, even if you’re not filming.

  • Robert Merkel

    Your regular reminder that this is the direct result of the funding priorities of the Australian federal government.

    The federal government funds sports to win Olympic medals because they think it’s what voters want.

    The only way this changes is if sufficient numbers of politicians are persuaded otherwise.

    • Which, as the governing body, CA should be doing.

    • JCJordan

      I will be interested to see the reaction when no Australian television station shows the next olympics with any significant coverage. Give the fact that no station has even broken even since the Sydney games, the commonwealth games struggled to get their asking price and the strong downward viewer numbers.

  • Ssanchez

    I just hope there’s funding directed to grassroots level.
    I’ve been part of a club (the oldest and one of the most successful in the southern hemisphere for it’s given sport) that completely neglected it’s junior recruitment drive for a 5 year period. 10 years later it’s fluffing around down the grades sitting at the pub reminiscing the glory days. They can’t attract new talent and their home-grown prodigies are poached by the neighboring, well organised, richer, more successful club playing at the top level.
    I guess it’s a step by step process, with a little chicken-egg at play… as gold medals will help attract kids to the sport.
    I suppose time will tell.

  • Track cycling is a niche within a niche.

    If MTB had 10 disciplines we’d see a massive shift to a sport that has a training ground free of cars, is open 24/7 and to all.

    Chasing fools gold.

    • Simone Giuliani

      Now you’ve got me thinking about what the Olympics would look like with downhill, the eliminator, marathon and 24 hour added to the schedule in men’s and women’s! There’d be some serious Aussie medal prospects in there.

      • 4X, Trials, Hill Climb? That’s all swimming is. One activity with a slew of categories for competition. MTB is far more interesting for fans to watch IMO. Only die hards understand the Omnium and the Madison.

  • Just when you think a body cant get any more cooked.

  • George Darroch

    Medals schmedals.

  • Sean Doyle

    I freaking hate the Olympics haven’t watched the last couple.


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