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  • zosim

    Can you refer to Jesse without “chief instigator” prefixed? I don’t think I’ve read an article without that used. Is it because he doesn’t want to be called the organiser with everything that entails from an outside point of view?

    • Simone Giuliani

      You’ll see that across various articles as that is his preferred title. I suspect that does have something to do with the ethos of self-reliance as it’s been made very clear that every individual rider is their own ride organiser.

      • zosim

        I have doubts that a man whose organisation (as I assume it’s more than just him) vet/invite the riders, create the rules and create the course would be able to argue that they’re not organising; but whatever makes him happy :)

        • Josh

          I don’t see anything wrong with him being called ‘chief instigator’. It is not a supported, monitored or controlled event and Jesse’s roll seems to be just giving everyone the opportunity to ride their own race alongside other people riding their own race. I don’t see a problem with that title and I believe that it is his choice and cyclingtips is respecting that.

          • zosim

            But that’s like saying FIFA don’t organise the World Cup, they just allow both teams to play football on a pitch at the same time. At best it’s semantics because, like it or not, he’s planning the route, starting date, rules and participants. As I said, whatever makes him happy though, I just would be happier if I didn’t have to read “chief instigator” constantly ;)

            • Josh

              FIFA monitor how the world cup is going and organise the draws. They set fines and penalties for wrongdoing throughout the event and they keep tabs on each team and player. I feel like Jesse does not do this. The word instigator is someone who starts/initiates something. I believe this is what Jesse is because he only starts the race, he does not monitor it whilst it is happening.

              • zosim

                As I said, semantics. He (or they) set the rules (see the visibility rules for example) which means that for transgressions they will be the ones responsible for saying that person’s result doesn’t count. Someone has to be the arbiter and insomuch as I have no idea who Jesse has working with him, for the sake of brevity, it’s Jesse. Same for deciding who rides in the “official” event, it’s down to Jesse. I repeat, if being called “chief instigator” or “high vizier” or “grand buffalo” makes him happy then all good but it doesn’t stop him being the de facto organiser

                . Anyway we won’t agree so let’s agree to disagree.

                • Josh

                  Yeh I see where you are getting at by I think differently. Thanks for actually managing to have a civilised discussion in a comments section unlike other people :)

      • BBB

        You organise an event. Unfortunately someone gets killed. This incident raises all sorts of questions about safety etc etc. No doubt lawyers and insurers have subsequently had a say. Event gets put on again, with some changes. The ‘chief instigator’ and the letter are both devices to minimise potential liability in the event something tragic happens again. There might be an ethos of self-reliance, and the event will likely be compelling as it was last year, but make no doubt there is a cold hard business decision behind this. Jesse Carlsson and/or Curve do not want to get wiped out if someone sues following another unfortunate event. I should say this is not a criticism of the organisers, but let’s not cloak it in ‘ethos of self-reliance.’ It’s a rational business decision.

  • Ashok Captain

    Thanks SG and CT for reporting this. Glad this event is happening again and here’s wishing everyone who races, a safe ride. Finally, chapeau Mrs Hall. ““I can’t argue with Mike’s mum,” said Carlsson”is classic.

  • Nitro

    Great to see this ride back in 2018 – not inspite of Mike Hall’s tragic death – but to celebrate his life and contributions to the sport.

    If there’s a relay category where one of the team gets to do the leg between Geelong and Melbourne – I’m in.

    Until that comes – I’ll (more than happily) be a #DotWatcher

December 16, 2017
December 15, 2017
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