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  • noob_sauce

    I have an issue with glasses and helmet reviews that only show the product. In my opinion, these are the pieces of gear that would benefit most from being demonstrated by a model. Sure face and head shapes are different with every individual but it’s a different space would still be preferable to a rock, in my opinion.

    • Sunny Ape

      Fair comment.

    • There were photos of me wearing each set of sunnies with my helmet in the review but they’ve been removed for some reason.

      • noob_sauce

        I see it’s there now.

        • Yeah, they were MIA for a little while but they managed to find their way back into the fold. Hopefully they work to give you some idea of the proportions involved. From the series shown here, it’s pretty easy to see how each model differs, so I think it works well.

  • Don Cafferty

    In shopping for eyewear recently, I discovered that one brand’s/model’s “100% UV protection” is not necessarily the same as another’s “100% UV protection”. Each of the lenses in the Oakley, Ryders Eyewear and Julbo collections that I looked at for example are noted to have UV protection that block light rays as small as 400 nanometers. The European standard is 380 nanometers which is the limit that some brands achieve. Only one lens, a photochromic lens, in the Lazer collection is noted as being UV400. The others are simply noted as “100% UV protection”. When it comes to UV protection, it seems that buyers need to be aware; however, some brands do not provide enough detail about their UV protection. Lazer needs to provide more detail.

  • winkybiker

    Those Magnetos sure solve a problem I don’t have.

  • cthenn

    Mario Cipollini would be happy in those pink/brown tinted ones…


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