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  • Willem Heydendael

    Thanks for the write up Dan.

  • carlo locci

    All this guys and girls are really brave and very vert fast is going to be fun to watch :) …

  • Keir

    What a fantastic event. I’ve been to a lot of bike races but this tops the lot. I came to Milan for the race as well as visiting the historic Vigorelli velodrome on the Friday. A friendlier bunch of people you will never meet. Great racing and everyone is happy to have a chat about their bikes. An amazing festival atmosphere and while obviously a big meet there is still a real village feel. Top racers sit with families having lunch under small marquees, food vans, beer vans and it’s Milan so coffee vans as well. If you’re in one of the cities while travelling that hosts one of the races get along. Pick a favourite and cheer them on, then go and say hello to them later. As far as the Vigorelli velodrome goes, if you have the opportunity to get into this historic track, do. A must for velodrome history nerds.

    • dan chabanov

      This race tries really hard. I’m glad you came out and had a good time.

  • Superpilot

    Honestly, the last RHC had so much coverage on youtube. It’s like every racer almost has their own blog, every second bike has a gopro swinging from the bars. Probably gets more produced minutes of coverage than the womens road world tour, though that may not flow through to viewer counts.. Takes a lot of guts to race by the looks!


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December 13, 2017
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