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Scott Addict Gravel
  • Kartikeya Panwar

    Thanks for what appears to be an honest and (at least for me) a good review, JH! Too tired of reading reviews which are nothing but banal platitudes rehashed time and again. This is one of the biggest reasons I follow CT almost religiously.

    On a more relevant note, given how racy and efficient this bike is supposed to be, do you think it could feasibly replace a medium range road bike for fast rides or even a bit of racing (perhaps with a 2x drivetrain?). Despite claims by many brands that their bikes are super versatile all rounders, I am yet to find one which can transform from a road bike to an adventure bike with little more than a change of wheels.

    • James Huang

      Yes, I do, provided you’re ok with the handling being more closely related to an endurance road bike than a true road racer. I though the same thing of the Specialized S-Works CruX when I owned one, which is why I made that specific comparison in the review.

    • Simon Wile

      Legit considering throwing some gumwalls on my S works crux and giving it a run at Crits now discs are race legal its that stiff/light, only concern is spinning out in the 11 haha!

  • OverIt

    Lovely looking bike, and was tempted to replace my Disc Solace with one of these as a do it all bike with room for big tyres, until i discovered they left out some useful fender mounts… dammit!!

    • Superpilot

      In my humble opinion, any bike, other than a road racing bike designed to be the lightest possible, should have fender mounts. For the life of me I can’t figure out why they aren’t included here. It is screaming versatility. But now it’s versatility with a wet, grubby ass.
      If I one day purchase a disc bike, it will need to crossover as a cross bike, gravel bike, foul weather road bike. It won’t do any of these things the best way possible, but I’m not a hitter on the bike so that doesn’t matter, it will just need to get the job done. Above all, it will need disc brakes, room for 40mm tyres, and fender mounts. Sort it out all you industry types!

      • James Huang

        There are definitely bikes out there already that can fill that niche for you!

        As for the lack of fender mounts on this Scott, I didn’t hold that against it for the review because I viewed the bike as being distinctly aimed more at the sporting, and less utilitarian, end of the segment. Fender mounts also would have required that the bike adopt a longer and less agile geometry, and that didn’t seem to fit what I felt this bike was meant for.

        • Superpilot

          Hmm, why longer geo? There is plenty of clearance inherent in a gravel bike. You thinking to avoid toe overlap? A CX bike is longer than a roady by nature. My 2009 Kona Jake has them, and that’s the old, short style of CX bike.
          I still think it’s ripe for some mounts, if only hidden threaded mounting points. Even if it is designed to be a competitive gravel bike, it could be so much more for a little more trouble and a little less weight (4-6 holes – drillium at its finest!).
          I guess this is more problematic when the dropouts are full carbon and/through axle, than they might be on a carbon bike with alloy bonded dropouts.
          I love theoretical discussions, keep it up

          • James Huang

            There’s plenty of room for all those sorts of things even the frame tubes are smaller. But the ones on this Scott are HUGE, and making them smaller might have compromised the stiffness the designers clearly wanted.

            Or, then again, perhaps Scott just wanted this to be a pure CX — er, gravel — bike and didn’t feel they were necessary.

            • Superpilot

              Oh yes of course, neglected to think this is a repurposed CX ‘race’ frame, so wouldn’t have had the mounts originally anyway! Cheers James

      • George

        You might want to check out the Litespeed T5g (I think they just call it “Gravel” now). My generation, which is a 2016 T5g, has a mostly road geometry, room for 40mm tires, and rear fender mounts. It doesn’t have fender mounts on the front, but I can solve that with some P-clips and zip ties. I think the new version has rack and fender mounts, so it could fit the bill for you. It rides great and isn’t too heavy, though it’s no lightweight. Check one out!

        • While fender mounts on the front just comes down to the choice of forks (and on Litespeed, I thought you generally had a choice???), it does sh|t me when bikes aren’t spec’d with fender mounts on front and rear!

      • Winky

        100% agree. I went custom-built, just get the features you listed. Exactly. Why the manufacturers drop the fender mounts from the high-end gravel/adventure frames is beyond me.

    • thunder thighs

      Just move to Queensland – it never rains here.

      • James Huang

        Ha, nor does it rain much here in Boulder, either :)

        • Coogs

          Rack mounts would be good as these bikes make great commuters and great weekend graveleurs

      • singlespeedscott

        You must live in a different part of Queensland to me. Come summer time I would say 70% of my commutes are done with my mud guard bike

  • Patrick

    Great read!

    Just a thought on cx and gravel bike reviews, would it be possible to get a picture of actual rear tire clearance from the underside of the bike? Even a caliper held down there with an upside down shot could really help readers make more informed choices. I’m amazed by some of the bikes that decide to run a bare cable through there (Raleigh being one example) or have a wide bottom bracket yet barely any tire clearance (Felt being one example). We see reviews from many outlets about “Plenty of tire clearance” or “Should clear a 40mm tire” but nothing objective. The cable routing is also super important as bikes meant to get dirty should not have exposed cables in the bottom bracket area.

    If CT found a way to make an upside down caliper shot as beautiful as the rest of their pictures, I would be a Velo Club member for life!

    • James Huang

      That sounds like a challenge I’m happy to take on! I’m not handing the bike back to Scott until next week, so I’ll see what I can do (and will keep this in mind for other similar reviews).

      • Patrick

        Maybe we’ll see the CT Golf Ball Test® with a golf ball jammed in the chainstay. I think they are something like 42mm. Then you can license the CT Racquetball Test® (57mm) to the gravel and monstercross sites.

        • James Huang

          Sorry for the non-arty photo, but this should help answer your question. At the tire, it’s just shy of 50mm on space in between the chainstays. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a45f4c3e7ef425f20ee8eca65b9ce711ebf413799bcab17aaaa8f52b02b82a5b.jpg

          • Patrick

            Thanks for the follow up! Nice to know there’s go-fast bikes that can genuinely fit a 40ish mm tire without too much worry.

            • James Huang

              Yep, plenty of space here!

          • Jesse Nofziger

            @disqus_ZiZ7FkAYnw:disqus great photo, this should be a standard in *every* bike review. Ditto for a fork crown shot.

            • James Huang

              Not a bad idea. I’ll think it over!

  • dllm

    So the stabilizers or dampers in Partner Wanted More Stability meme could be replaced by Bottom Bracket Drop…

  • Ethan

    Ive just bought the 2018 version of this but the alloy S10 Gravel. It has hydro brakes, full 105 and fender mounts for $2200. Absolutely love it.


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