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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
  • At least they’re (mostly) putting the onus on the driver to look, although #3 seems pretty intent on blaming the victim.

    But none of them call out the roads agencies and local councils that keep putting cyclists in harm’s way. Or cycling advocacy organisations that insist, contrary to all evidence, that administrative controls and PPE are an effective way to reduce deaths and serious injuries.

    The closing message of #1 is pretty horrific, adapting the ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ message from the NRA. Look how well that’s going for the US.

  • Daniel

    In answer to question – I thought video one showed the problem clearly.
    However, I think the video intentions are ill-directed. Because I ride bikes regularly I’m pretty aware of the need to check first. But sometimes I don’t.
    So the solutions need to be:
    1) Infrastructure that doesn’t place cyclists in the door lane – separated bike lanes. This is particularly important for less confident bike riders.
    2) Greater promotion of the right and need for cyclists to take up more of the road. This is most important for more confident bike riders.

  • jules

    I haven’t watched them yet but I’m guessing they are based on the hopelessly unachievable objective of convincing drivers to keep cyclists in mind and remember to check before they open their door. If so, we need a more practical solution.

  • Wily_Quixote

    My car beeps at me for every conceivable hazard except an encroaching cyclist when the seatbelt is unfastened. I imagine an engineering solution is relatively simple.
    I am also pretty sure I have had this same conversation in CT comments a while ago…..

    • Coogs

      My car beeps so much it’s probably another beep I’d ignore…

  • winkybiker

    None of the ones shot in vertical format, that’s for sure. Maybe this is the real issue. People are more interested in what is going on under their feet or above them, than they are in what is beside them.

  • Al Storer

    Does the AGF put any time or energy into campaigning what has been proven to work, or does it just mess around with pointless dreck like this and victim blaming?

  • Michael Charney

    #Five gets Dutch Reach Project’s vote. While I felt the Death slap video was most original and interesting, even there the driver did not use RoSPA’s approved far hand method. And the driver ended up facing forward – which is NOT safe for the driver. When exiting vehicles one most safetly exits facing traffic and then walk back to the side walk facing traffic, as is advised for every pedestrian in the road. (Likewise, enter cars from the front, around the hood).

    The first video was quite sweet and positive, but low on problem solving: simply encouraging people to pay more attention, be more cautious, while admirable and reasonable sounding, for most it does little to alter behavior habitually. The Dutch Reach habit once ingrained, baked into muscle memory, makes you swivel outward to the side mirror if you are in front, and then rearward. You can’t fling the door open as you can with the near hand. And you can pivot and easily do an excellent over the should check & scan.

    It corrects our bad near hand habit, encourages mirror use, leads to a slower two part opening which may warn an oncoming cyclist, and works for passengers even in the back seat which lack side view mirrors. With Uber & Lyft, most ride share doorings are by heedless passengers rather than the drivers who of course remain inside.

    Again, as a habit, it will provide more safety for all, keeping even drivers and passengers from stepping out into danger , even when occupants feel impatient and rushed to get out and get going.

    Congrats on the effort. Come see http://www.dutchreach.org for more videos & info …in 12 languages at this point: See videos under Resources, Home page, & News & New.

    Best wishes to all,
    Dutch Reach Project

  • Malcolm Harvey

    All portrait format auto DQ.
    Of the rest, number 1 is by far the most sensible.

  • Chris Lucas

    I like Clip 4 – Grim Reaper works for me as it did back in the ’80’s…

  • Stefan Tull

    It’s hard to beat a Grim Reaper whacking a driver in the face.

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017