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  • MadBlack

    Great story. I guess it would have also been a contributing factor that women especially when classed as a domestique cannot really make a living out of the pro lifestyle. Nevertheless, her reasoning is very refreshing. I’d really like to see something similar about Cam Wurf who’s onto his third sport at the highest possible level.

  • Don Cafferty

    Nice photo. It captures the mood.

  • Sarvesh Sangarya

    Thank you for sharing your story, Rose and thank you for sharing this article Ella CT. I’m an amateur cyclist from India, racing for the last 7 years and I’m planning to stop in a month’s time. I’ve always felt like a bit if a weakling for doing so, because of those around me, and I always wonder if I’m taking the right step. Thanks to Rose’s story which I could resonate with very much, it is clear in my mind that I am making the right choice for my happiness
    And I look forward to my next adventure.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Great to hear it Sarvesh! Racing is only a tiny part of cycling.

    • Rose Osborne

      Hey Sarvesh! Glad you liked it and pleased to hear it resonated with you. If it feels right I am sure it is, and there are SO many things to do out there! Enjoy your next adventure!


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