Heading North: A film by Albion Cycling

One man’s attempt to ride 650km from London to Edinburgh in 24 hours

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Photography by Rupert Hartley

If you’re familiar with the CyclingTips Emporium, you will have no doubt come across British brand, Albion. We are big fans of their products but perhaps even more so of their ability to illustrate the demanding nature of Britain’s weather and terrain. Albion has recently created the short film, Heading North, which tells the story of one man’s solo attempt to ride over 650km, from London to Edinburgh, in 24 hours.

The film follows Damien Clayton, a 25-year-old Yorkshireman, on a journey through the heart of Britain in search of his physical and mental limit.

“We wanted our first film to be more than just some nice shots of riders wearing Albion gear,” says Charlie Stewart, one of Albion’s three founders. “We wanted to tell a real story, set in Britain, and to inspire people. To do that we knew we’d need to do something quite extreme.”

The idea for Heading North was pretty simple. How far could Damien ride in 24 hours, and was there a city-to-city journey in the UK that could provide the test? London to Edinburgh, a distance of over 650km by the route Damien would ultimately take, was settled on.

“Charlie and I had been riding and training together a bit, and I just liked what Albion was about, and what it stood for”, says Damien. “We became friends and then one day Charlie asked me if I wanted to try and ride to Edinburgh as fast as possible. I said yes, and that was that.”

The attempt took place across a weekend in July during what was supposed to be the height of the British summer. As it turned out, Damien was forced to ride through some of the worst weather seen all year.

“We honestly couldn’t believe the rain. It was relentless … and we were in the support car,” says Charlie. “It just made the whole achievement even more incredible. We hope that Heading North is the first of many adventures that Albion can support. Damien is a seemingly ordinary guy who did an extraordinary thing, and we are proud to have been a part of that. We’re already looking forward to the next one.”

To see Albion’s adventure, watch the video below.

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