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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
  • winkybiker

    Turning the bunny-hopping thing into some sort of sexism “issue” is a stretch. But I love to see people hopping those barriers. I could never do it.

    The zipper-gate thing, on the other hand, is important. That Ellen received abuse for it is utterly appalling. Good for Ellen for pushing back. We must all push back against that sort of thing.

    Oh, and great article.

    • Agreed that some of this is a stretch, and I think that even extends to zippergate. While the term “guys” is now frequently used in a gender neutral manner, I think the article as a whole and this portion in particular implies that Noble views men as being solely responsible for the blowback she felt from zippergate:

      “For weeks afterwards, Noble was bombarded with criticism and harassment.
      She was flaunting her body, sexualising the sport and perpetuating the
      objectification of women, they said…

      It felt really good to replace the stir of the zipper at the same
      race and be like, ‘Hey, last year you guys were body shaming women at a
      bike race and this year women are bunny hopping’,” Noble said.”

      While zippergate may have gotten her unwanted and sometimes lewd attention from men, my impression at the time of the general social media milieu was that most of the “criticism and harassment” for “flaunting…sexualizing…and perpetuating objectification” came from other women. I don’t think it was “guys” who were “body shaming women”. On the whole, guys may have been expressing unwanted “body appreciation”, but it was other women who were doing the “shaming”. It kind of feels like this is being framed as a binary gender inequality issue, when really it is a much more complex societal issue that reflects every human’s inequalities, insecurities, and evolutionary drives.

      • winkybiker

        I don’t think it matters what gender the people were who gave her shit about the zipper. It doesn’t matter to me, anyway. Unwanted sexualised “compliments”, body shaming and other forms of expressed judgment are all unwarranted and deserve pushback.

        Making an observation that women don’t bunny-hop barriers is perhaps unnecessary, but to me, at least, not really as big of a deal. I can see an angle where the inference that it is “being female” that renders them incapable is criticised. But it is arguably really just semantics as to whether one opines that “women don’t seem to be able to bunny-hop” or “none of the people who ride in the women’s races seem to be able to bunny-hop”.

  • Ryan S

    Those damn oppressive men! …Always standing at the cross barriers armed with swords and making women dismount.

    What’s next, letting women compete in mountain biking…on the same exact courses as the men, nonetheless?! Blasphemy!

    The next phase from fighting factitious barriers and pseudo enemies is beginning to hear voices in your head.

    • david__g

      ugh, dude. Really?

      • Ryan S

        Yes, White Knight.

        When there are real, tangible discriminations between men’s and women’s cycling – race payouts, team contracts, low salaries, poor media coverage, etc – phantasmagoria about men being responsible for keeping women jumping a barrier only hurts one’s plight.

        • Benjamin Arians

          While I agree with your assertion about discrimination between men’s and women’s cycling re. payouts, media coverage, etc., I couldn’t find anything in the article that specifically stated that men were responsible for keeping women from jumping a barrier. Nice job, though, using “phantasmagoria” in a comment!

          • Ryan S

            “Whether it was due to a lack of visibility, a lack of practice and confidence *or because women were told they couldn’t do it*, we’re not sure, but women bunny hopping barriers just simply wasn’t done.”

            “‘I started #bunnyhopthepatriarchy kind of as a joke and I never in a million years expected it to catch on to the degree that it has. *But there is definitely some truth to it in the fact that people always assumed that women can’t bunny hop.* And I wanted to show that it’s not a gendered skill,’ said Noble.”

            “‘*Anytime people think there’s something women can’t do in a patriarchal society, I want to show them…*’”

            • KarenK

              Ryan, you’re part of the problem. Your comments prove why there needs to be a #bunnyhopthepatriarchy and #shredthepatriarchy, etc.

              • Ryan S

                Truly insightful commentary.

                If someone is going to make ridiculous assertions, they better be tough enough to defend them if they can’t hold up to the most basic of scrutiny.

                It’s 2017. Blatantly screaming you’re a [racist/bigot/sexist/homophob/xenophob/etc] as a means to silence no long works, as you’ve tried to do… lumping me into the same category as those who’ve made crude sexual remarks.

            • Benjamin Arians

              None of those highlights prove your point.

            • Teezy

              (From her instagram.)
              Noble: “Competing to a lower standard than men just holds us back from our goals.”
              Ryan Trebon: ” You should push for longer races too, then.”
              Noble: “I like 45 minutes because I think 60 minutes is a bit boring.”

              #myphysiologymyrules #exceptforthatbit #patriarchystilltoblame #rapharides #chequeplease #thanksguys

        • david__g

          Good job using an MRA phrase (white knight) to let me know you really don’t get this.

          • Ryan S

            Nailed it! If there’s one thing I like seeing…it’s all the women in my life failing and being treated unequal, and teaching girls to think they’re lesser than boys. /sarcasm

            Nice straw man’s comment.

  • gregg boyer

    Fantastic personal insight, rock on ladies! Thank you kindly CT.

  • caliente

    Awesome banner shot. Is there a .gif of the photo sequence? If yes, I’d love to see it!

  • Superpilot

    As she has shown, the only thing holding women back from jumping the barriers was self belief and practice.
    That zipper gate thing sounds deplorable. Her body, she can do what she wants. I notice a lot of female cross social media includes shots of women with the zip down on their skin suits. A lot of men commenting lewdly, and a lot of women asking where they get their sports bras from (as the criss cross strap versions are becoming popular).
    So there is a little social pressure now if you consider yourself a fasionista on insta to do the same I guess. But there is nothing stopping women from doing the same with a modern baselayer underneath, if that is what they personally want to do.
    I don’t know what to do as a man that finds women attractive. I think the only answer is nothing.
    The only woman I ever say looks beautiful or well dressed is my wife. I can’t even say to my girl friends these days that they look nice without the possibility of being assumed that I am sexualising them, being patriarchal, oppressive, lewd, crossing a line. I mean, its not like they need some dorky man to validate them, but then on the same page self esteem the world over is a real struggle. Doing something that migt help them feel good about their effort dressing up to go out by complimenting them, I’m pushing the wrong button somehow. Sigh.
    I guess the answer is, self esteem comes from within, wear what you want, and you’re not responsible for other peoples reactions.
    Keep on jumping, you’re a total bad ass on the bike and off it!

    • david__g

      “I don’t know what to do as a man that finds women attractive. I think the only answer is nothing.”

      Yeah try just keeping it in your pants and not being creepy. Usually works pretty good.

      “Doing something that migt help them feel good about their effort dressing up to go out by complimenting them, I’m pushing the wrong button somehow. Sigh.”

      Women don’t need you to comment on them. They don’t exist purely to make you feel better about being able to make unsolicited comments to them.

      • Superpilot

        Hey David. I’m not a sexist douche bag. You restated exactly what I was saying.

        Eg “They don’t exist purely to make you feel better about being able to make unsolicited comments to them.” I know because – “its not like they need some dorky man to validate them”. Sheesh
        I have sisters, multiple sisters in law, nieces, aunties. I fear for them in the hyper sexualised society we live in. It can’t be nice to be harassed. I also know for most of the women in my life, positive body image is a real struggle for them. I may have gone about it the wrong way above but what I am getting at is how do I support and foster their personal self esteem as a man, without being unsolicited and/or taken as patriarchal?
        I’m attuned to wanting to help people struggling, because I am one of them myself.

  • david__g

    Ellen is awesome and anyone who got to ‘meet’ her 4 or so years ago on BTB has known for a while she’ll be successful. Bravo, Ellen

    (from an old guy who can’t hop)

  • Sunny Ape

    As I skimmed through and saw the reference to ‘zipper gate’, I just assumed it was some sort of zig-zag shaped barrier in the course.

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017