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Gaimon responds to Cancellara’s lawyers; best sprints of 2017: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

November 15, 2017

Gaimon responds to Cancellara’s lawyers: ‘I stand by my opinion, but it’s exactly that’; Velon details most powerful sprints of 2017; Malseed signs for Team Tibco – Silicon Valley Bank; Newly-crowned world champion Jennifer Valente re-signs with Shoair Twenty20; Lexus announced as naming rights sponsor for Detroit’s new velodrome; Video: 1990s downhill MTB race; Video: Leticia Bufoni backflips a BMX bike; Video: Racing cyclocross through a Swiss castle

Gaimon responds to Cancellara’s lawyers: ‘I stand by my opinion, but it’s exactly that’

by Shane Stokes

Phil Gaimon has responded to the demand by Fabian Cancellara’s lawyers to withdraw his book from sale and to issue an apology, indicating that he will do neither.

The former pro issued his autobiographical Draft Animals book this autumn which discussed Cancellara’s dominant victories in the 2010 Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. “When you watch the footage, his accelerations don’t look natural at all, like he’s having trouble staying on the top of the pedals,” he wrote. “That fucker probably did have a motor.”

This prompted the lawyers’ demands on Monday, and was followed by Gaimon’s response. “In Draft Animals, I repeated a rumour that’s well-documented and many years old, and I presented it as such. I stand by my opinion, but it’s exactly that, and anyone who actually opened the book would know that what I said was far from an ‘accusation.’

“Put a gun to my head and that’s what I believe so I’d be a liar if I left it out, but I claim no revelations or proof, so I don’t see it being “taken off the shelves” except by the folks buying it. Ironically, that part in the book is dismissing conspiracy theories about motors today as clickbait, and it’s now been turned into clickbait.”

Gaimon’s statement also addresses his friendship with Tom Danielson and criticism from people who say he is ‘not being enough of a doper hater.’ “I didn’t expect this to be pulled out of context or turned into mudslinging, and I’m sorry for anyone who’s wasted time or energy on it,” he states. “That’s not how I wanted to sell books, and it’s not worth this headache.”

Click through to read the full statement on Phil Gaimon’s website.

Today’s feature image shows Sanne Cant (Iko-Beobank) in the Superprestige Gavere cyclocross race, and was taken by Kristof Ramon.

  • jules

    I wondered when Phil would get pulled up on that

    • Michele

      Wonder no more.

      • jules

        the fact pros are openly suspicious makes me more suspicious

        • Michele

          The issue I have with Phil is not so much his opinion. After all, that is what it is; an opinion – nothing more, nothing less. We all have them.

          Just because he was a “pro” doesn’t mean his opinion on Cancellara’s moro-doping carries more [or less] weight than a non-pro’s opinion on the subject. After all, his 2 main points of reasoning are:

          1) His bike got VIP treatment, and
          2) He didn’t look “natural” when he put the hammer down.

          Well, you could suggest Froome has a motor on his bike as well based on those 2 points.

          • jules

            I agree but I tend to assume that pros know more than they’re saying, or may know more. I have no idea if Froome is cheating but if he is he’s keeping his nose very clean – there isn’t a shred of material evidence other than his dominance. Which should make us suspicious.

            Cancellara on the other hand – his nose not so clean. If he didn’t use a motor he was doing other stuff I’d guess. There is a trail of circumstantial evidence.

  • Anto, NZ

    So in the 90’s you won a down hill race by being the only finisher? And second and third places were decided by who was wearing the most ridiculous clothing?
    Those were some of the funniest crashes I’ve seen. Glad to see people came off better than their bikes. It looks, at times, as if they have never ridden a bike before. They’re braver than me!

    • Lanterne Rouge

      Like. Great crashes, into crowds, trees, posts.

      I think the term MTB ‘riders’ is a stretch. MTB ‘passengers’ is more apt.

      • MadBlack

        I think the point of the video was to illustrate how far mtb technology (and dress sense) had gotten within that relatively short period of time. Imagine going 60km/h down a mountain on a fully rigid bucking horse with cantilever breaks and quill stems. And on top of that you open the entry up to anybody who fancied himself a bike rider. At least now there’s a clear distinction between roadie, XCO rider and downhiller – back then not so much (as it is clearly evident).

        • Carl Sechrist

          My two takeaways were how much stronger modern wheels are and how much better modern disc brakes are–some of those guys hauling into the turns have got to be fully on the brakes but aren’t slowing down at all.

  • david__g

    I’m always a little confused by Gaimon’s approach to who is and isn’t a piece of shit doper. He called out people in his first book and then…with Tom it’s a whole different matter with ‘context’ and ‘extenuating circumstances’ and ‘you don’t really know Tom’ or ‘it’s not my job to criticize him’ and…I wish I could put my finger on what the difference is…

    • jules

      did you read his book? he freely admits it’s hypocritical, but qualifies it by arguing that Danielson had repented. then he went pos which complicated matters.

      • david__g

        I haven’t read his newest one, no. But I’m pretty sure there have been other dopers who have repented who he’d have happily criticized before the TD thing. (Also how much repentance can a double doper really have?)

  • Nitro

    Love the fact that the guy giving the instructions to the girl learning to back-flip is wearing a crash helmet, but the girl actually learning – nah !

    • Crash Bandicoot

      I’m surprised as well considering how technical the rest of her apparel was.

  • alexroseinnes

    Gaimon was naive and is now throwing a bit of a tantrum expecting people to chill out. He made a serious miscalculation when he thought Cancellara would take a baseless hit on his reputation lying down. Just because you don’t take yourself seriously doesn’t mean that others will follow suit. Any, in my opinion this is besides the point when it come to Gaimon – he made a disgusting, extended rape analogy in his first book that few people have mentioned. Given the current climate, you’d think this would be news.

  • Crash Bandicoot

    A lot of respect for those Old School DH guys. Amazing how much the sport has progressed this is basically a XC course (aside from the stairs) that could easily be handled by even the most basic Hardtail mtb of today. No wonder some of those old potbellied MTBers are impossible to follow on the trail.


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