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December 16, 2017
December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
  • Neil_Robinson

    leigh howard’s back

  • Wily_Quixote

    About time that teams used consultant, perhaps a graphic designer, to advise their contracted riders on what works aesthetically.

  • jules

    was listening to Mitch Docker’s podcast when they discussed French riders with barbed wire tats around their thighs :)

    • flx

      John Gadret is one of those riders, it’s not shown here though.

  • John C

    Adam Myerson shoulda been featured. He’s arguably the first heavily tattooed (pro) cyclist.

    • Edwin V

      Please no.

      • Adam Myerson


  • Ringo

    I’ve always thought tattoos are a bit pants, but getting your birthdate across your back…..

    • jules

      it’s about expressing yourself creatively

      • Petra RtwoDtwo

        I don’t see any creativity in that. You get a birthday date they give you.

        • jules


    • Roger That

      It’s really handy though. I keep forgetting mine.

    • Jim

      Saw some bloke with “Natus MMCMLXXIX” on his calf, just “thought mid-life crisis” as I rode by.
      On second thought the wedding anniversary mightn’t be a bad idea – it would keep me out of trouble one day of the year :-)

      • dG

        dude was born in 2974? maybe he came from the future.

        • Jim

          typo :-)

    • Steve S

      On some people, of either sex, they can look really good. On most…. well…

      Definitely noticed that people get one, find it doesn’t fulfil them how they expected, then get into a loop getting more.

  • Has anyone else noticed how Gilbert’s rainbow stripes are a bit wonky? I mean, kudos to him for being a
    world champ, but I would have asked the artist to make sure they were straight

    • Wily_Quixote

      It would be embarrassing if he had a retrospective doping failure. Perhaps they could be converted into a licorice allsort tattoo, or something.

    • Pete

      There’s nothing worse than bent stripes.

    • Roel

      Even worse: the trend changed to high socks and his tattoo is placed too low….

  • DaveRides

    Unfortunately for Pozzatto, it turned out that the the Almighty had delegated his jurisdiction over Olympic sports in Italy.

    By the way, the link to the women’s article in the second paragraph is badly broken.

    • Eep. Fixed.

    • jules

      The Lord works in mysterious ways

  • Paul Kelcher

    Eddie Dawkins, the kiwi track sprinter has extensive and pretty impressive tatt’s

  • aradilon

    U forgot Tom Boonen! He has ALOT of them!

  • winkybiker

    I’ve no problem with most, but a ‘strayan coat-of-arms, Rohan? Really? That’s what you came up with? And at some point, Sammy needs to let it go.

    • Ringo

      It’s just a little bit classier than the southern cross.

      • Superpilot

        But the Southern Cross is how all the punters find each other in Bali?

    • MadBlack

      Yep, I concur. Rohan just permanently stripped himself of any credibility in my view.

  • flx

    Not sure how you could miss Kayle Leogrande.

    On a more serious note, nice piece. I think Chavanel’s tattoo is outdated as he covered that one with a bigger dragon?

  • krashdavage

    Svein Tuft has a ripper Henry David Thoreau quote on his forearm

  • gunnar1981

    Boonen. Eugenio Alafaci of Trek

  • Jimbo Solvang

    As one of my mates said : “Why would anyone have a picture permanently etched on their body that they wouldn’t hang on their wall?”

  • Cian McDermott

    Nico Roche has some mean ink too:)

December 16, 2017
December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017