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  • DangerDirte

    A thought popped in my head and I could be completely off the mark here: would the UCI lowering the weight limit on bikes be another way to create a hurdle for motors? If all bikes are racing to be the lightest then any bike significantly above the limit could be suspect.

    Just a random thought.

    • PsiSquared

      That wouldn’t work. Consider two bikes that have the same electric motor or set of Vajas’ wheels. If one weighs 8kg without motors or wheels with hidden magnets and the other normally weighs 6kg without the same, the difference in both cases (bike-motor or bike-wheels) will be the same. The real solution is portable x-ray scanners or tear downs.

      • Spartacus

        Or just weighing the wheels seperately as the police wanted to do – it’s all in the article above.

      • ebbe

        Differences between (the top models of) different brands aren’t that big, they’ll still all gravitate towards roughly the same weight. If one bike is 2kg heavier then normal, for a give size, that will stand out. Lowering – or cancelling – the weight limit and then weighing all bikes might help in finding motors. But it has the same issue as heat cams and magnetic scanners: It’s not sufficient in isolation. These methods can only point fingers towards suspicious bikes, but never offer final proof without also employing your solution: Indeed, x-ray scanners or thorough tear downs – meaning smashing frames and wheels to bits. Of the two, the former is actually the cheapest over time.

        Ideally, UCI would have a mobile x-ray unit developed that “looks through” the bike to check for motors, but at the same time also uses sensors and software to perform all the measuring and weighing, in one go. That way team mechanics can’t complain about having to take apart bikes at the wrong time, sponsors can’t complain about frames and wheels being destroyed, etc. And while an additional step is introduced (the scanner), another is taken out (the current measuring and weighing). All that is needed is a few million swiss francs for the development and production ;-)

  • CyclingCraze

    I didn’t know Peraud was so accomplished off the bike. I hope he is effective in his new job.
    Why is the UCI so often anti-cycling and pro-cover-up-kind-of-almost-cheating results?
    I know UCI is in the entertainment business but frequently its like they’re not even pretending to be interested in the cyclists.

    • Spartacus

      Because confronting the truth of what happened in the 2010 Classics would have almost destroyed cycling in the eyes of McQuaid and Cookson. Chapeau to Lappartient!

    • Crash Bandicoot

      Pretty incredible I’ve only got a bachelors degree and have only been able to win one time trial in my life. Sounds like a good chap all around I’m still amazed teams would do this considering the efficacy and relative ease of evading testing with traditional doping it seems way to risky if someone does get caught as there really is no way to cheat this way without the team being part of it. Unlike doping where you could always say “ohh that guy was operating on his own. We’ve cancelled his contract” and move on.

  • George Darroch

    Good. I’m so glad that Coverup Cookson was removed from the leadership.


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