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  • Rowena

    I love how frank she is, I wasn’t sure if I liked Katrin that much in the beginning of the interview, but she certainly grew on me. I love her attitude here, “But it’s never too late, especially nowadays when it’s normal to switch careers a few times. Just pick what you want to do and try to be the best at it. Just keep doing it.” Thanks, it was a great read and I enjoyed finding out more about Katrin.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Thanks Rowena

  • DaveRides

    “I will not be on the Orica roster in 2018, but Orica has allowed me to use their bikes until the Commonwealth Games…”

    Generous move by the team, given their role in supporting her will probably be left out of 99% of the following stories if she wins gold in April. Latest item to add on to the end of the “reasons that Gerry Ryan is a legend” list.

  • Robert Merkel

    Good luck to her.

    It’s great that the slightly unusual opportunity of becoming a professional athlete in her thirties has been such a positive experience for her. I wonder whether professional sport would be a healthier place if physiology made that the norm rather than an oddity!


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