Lappartient talks new motor detection, Rowe on recovery: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

November 25, 2017

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Lappartient suggest TV analysis could help pinpoint hidden motors

by VeloClub

UCI president David Lappartient has given further indications as to the direction he and the UCI will head in an attempt to prevent the use of hidden motors in races.

“I intend to announce the UCI action plan in January, just before the start of the season,” he told Le Telegramme. “Jean-Christophe Péraud [the UCI’s new technical manager] will meet all the players in this issue. We will use X-rays, thermal cameras, dismantling of the bikes, but there are also other technologies that can be used.

“There is also work to be done with the world of research to be able, using television images, to analyse power outputs and detect things that might be abnormal. But it will take longer.”

Lappartient’s statement suggests that he will indeed follow through on his election promise to considerably ramp up the fight against the possible use of hidden motors. Under previous president Brian Cookson the UCI relied on customised iPads, as well as some spot checks and the occasional use of thermal cameras. However Lappartient said that this wasn’t enough and that he wanted to further increase the number and scope of tests used.

Lappartient also said that he hoped to have a ban on the use of corticoids in place by the start of 2019. He said it was necessary to change internal rules before then. “I had the opportunity to talk with the president of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to find out how they can do it with us. I received a rather positive response. I also wish to set up a regulatory medical surveillance for all riders, but it cannot be improvised because of the logistical, legal, technical and medical aspects. That will take at least a year.”

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Today’s feature image is from the 7 Peaks Ride and was taken by Tim Bardsley-Smith.