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Bishop Bikes
  • Willem Heydendael

    Can’t help but see the similarities between the Blue Somec and the Mason Bokeh.

    Also, please include some pictures of that amazing Pedalino bike in the next Philly Bike Expo Gallery.

  • eppolley

    Any advertising at all and I would have been there. Marketing?

  • Andrew O’Neill

    The paint schemes and detailing on the two Bishop’s are some of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Beautiful!

  • Wily_Quixote

    I often have a massive fit of eyerolling when I see custom bikes but I have to admit these are beautiful examples of master craftspeople.

    These bikes are exquisite.

  • Velt

    Why go to all the effort for such a great bike as the first one posted and then put cable discs on it?

    Any chance of a No 22. Reactor/Aurora review in the works? Have had my eye on it for a while.

    • Winky

      Well, it was either that or put those aesthetic abominations that are Sram’s hydro levers on it. I’ll take the cable discs.

    • James Huang

      As far as I’m aware, this was a decision made by the customer, not the builder. What the reasons are, I can not say.

    • James Huang

      And as for a No.22 review, I actually discussed this with them at the show, although we were mulling the idea of a Drifter.

      • Velt

        Gravel bikes are dime a dozen these days. I find the Aurora/Reactor to be oddly unique (I’m probably totally wrong though) and I don’t think there are many reviews. I guess it has my curiosity more than anything.

        • After experiencing what the guys at Bastion were able to do with a carbon integrated seat post, I’m also curious about what the Aurora and Reactor have to offer.

      • No. 22_Bryce

        Just let us know your preference, James and we’ll see what we can work-out!

        • Velt

          Send a Drifter to James and an Aurora to Matt ;)

  • Ashok Captain

    JH and CT, thanks for covering this. I’ve seen pics of the NAHBS for several years, but the first time I’ve seen this show covered. Not my kinda bikes, but interesting to see this degree of customising/ what’s cooking!

    • James Huang

      This was my first time covering the show, although it’s been on my radar for several years now so I’m glad I finally made it.

      Even if these sorts of bikes aren’t your cup of tea, I always find value in custom shows like this because they’ve proven time after time to be a reliable indicator of what’s coming in the mainstream market in a few years’ time.

  • TypeVertigo

    That has got to be the funkiest looking chain I’ve ever seen. Great share.

  • StendhalCA

    The Bishop bikes are beautiful, but the problem is that when you ride them, they only go on a diagonal path.

    • Are you saying the alignment is off on them? Given the attention to detail, I find it hard to imagine that they would skip that step. From what I have seen, steel bikes are commonly not aligned perfectly out of the jig, but a little trip to the “alignment table” takes care of that. Looks brutal to the uninitiated, but is standard practice for even high end builders, IME.

      • Stendhal1

        No, it’s a joke (except that, my god they are beautiful). Bishop = chess piece.


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