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  • I don’t know what for, but I NEED that all-steer tricycle!

    • James Huang

      I’m sure you could find a use for it somewhere, Wade.

    • Neil_Robinson

      you need it for the drifts.

    • Schmuck123

      Nobody NEEDS such a thing, but I surely WANT one

  • Kartikeya Panwar

    Wow! The custom built industry is truly a world of its own. Nice to see what appears to be some real innovation in the form of those Z-couplers as well. Looks like a far more elegant option than S&S couplers. While we are on this point, to anyone looking for a good travel bike option i’d also recommend checking out Rob English’s folding bike concept. Truly genius.

    • Indeed. I’ll be looking to see if I can get by travel bike retrofitted with these z-couplers. Amazing.

  • Elisabeth

    Proud owner of the “sunrise” Pedalino, which I should add Julie & I spec’d to be fully ready for UCI CX racing for me as well! As stunning as it is, I promise I’ll be putting it through the paces on the race course, too.

    • James Huang

      Congratulations on your beautiful new bike!

  • Wily_Quixote

    The Pedalino bikes are something else. Those baroque lugs are genius.
    Clearly more women are needed in tne bike industry.

    • James Huang

      Agreed on all counts.

  • Ashok Captain

    Nice to see a Ritchey WCS headset (for a change) on a custom bike.


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November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 20, 2017