STëLF Cycling: Season 5

We're pleased to feature two designs from Season 5 by STëLF Cycling, exclusive to the Emporium

Here at the CyclingTips Emporium we’re pleased to be featuring an exclusive pre-release men’s and women’s kit from Stelf Cycling’s upcoming fifth season, available for a limited time only.

Followers of the CyclingTips Emporium will be familiar with apparel brand, STëLF Cycling. Coming up on the anniversary of our last exclusive with STëLF a year ago, we are super pumped to be featuring a new men’s and women’s kit from STëLF on the Emporium.

Founded in 2014 by owner Matt McCrohon, STëLF has built a loyal following for their high-quality kit and unique designs. Their evolution continues with each new season’s release, and today’s Season 5 release is no different.

We asked Matt what’s so different about Season 5? ‘Everything!’ he said. ‘Quite literally we have completely re-engineered every element of our garments. The fabrics, the cut, the chamois… even the zipper and silicon bands. Everything! After about 8 months of hard work testing, testing and re-testing, we believe we’ve created some of the finest cycling garments available’.

STëLF’s 5th season draws its inspiration from some surprising and unlikely sources. The Duckhunt kit is inspired by the kids Nintendo game – “I played way too much Nintendo as a kid. Duckhunt was my favourite,” explains Matt. The Brenda kit, meanwhile, is based on a hand sketch by Matt’s aunt, Brenda.

“The inspiration behind the S5 designs are the ludicrous patterns and prints worn by today’s rappers. They don’t shy away from controversy nor are they afraid of flamboyancy … Season 5 ticks this box and I’m pumped by the idea of others rockin’ up to bunch rides with people staring in awe!”

The men’s Duckhunt and women’s Brenda kits from STëLF Cycling are available exclusively through the CyclingTips Emporium for a week, and based on past experience, they will go fast.

View the pre-release kits here before they’re gone.

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emporium.