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  • Tim Ashton

    As an FYI, I bought a few of those bike hanger things from Bunnings and they were around $3-$5 each. Work perfectly and self tap into timber (ideal for high set timber floored houses), a few different sizes and shapes too.

    • Dave Rome

      Your Bunnings may have a better selection than mine.

      The red hook pictured above is the closest thing I’ve found at my local. It actually works fine for shallow rims and narrow tyres, but doesn’t hold an assortment of wheel/tyre types like the one Park sells.

      • Crash Bandicoot

        I’ve actually found a good assortment on eBay. My wife and I race both road and mtb and I build wheels for fun and for friends so we’ve always got like 1,000,000 wheels hanging around in our bike room.

    • disqus_U85waxYyKN

      I got the same here in NZ . If you get the placement the right distance from the wall and the right twistedness( maynot be a real word) the bikel does an auto folding against the wall, space saving thing! I have one that is behing the laundry door.

  • Tim

    FYI – Adam at Zero Friction Cycling has recently tested Smoove as part of his lube testing project: https://zerofrictioncycling.com.au/lube-testing/

    • Dave Rome

      Hadn’t seen that he’d tested Smoove. Thanks for sharing.

  • Johnny

    In my opinion the single best tubeless valve – weight put aside – and refill system comes from Milkit. Checking the sealant and refilling it is idiot proof as well as clean. And their service is great (at least across Europe). :-)

    • Dave Rome

      I’ve been meaning to try this product. Thanks for the prompt! :)

    • James Huang

      I reviewed those last year and my results were quite mixed. I love the idea, but at least for the set that I was provided for the evaluation, the execution was lacking.


      • Rodrigo Diaz

        Agreed. I am one of the crowdfunding backers. I had issues with clogging and the black plastic “rod” attached to the tail end of the presta screw to open the diaphragm coming loose and then outright lost. Then you are unable to easily drop the pressure in your tires; not ideal for my CX wheels! I also had a poor seal on one set of wheels and when trying to crank down on the valve screw the rubber seal at the back came off. Ugh.

        I still like the idea but ended up not replacing the parts as they got worn/clogged/damaged. The syringe and stiff injector extension are nice and I still use them to add and remove sealant.

        Most of my issues are fixed with the newer generations of tubeless ready rims and tires that seal more readily.. The older Stan’s narrow rims and Hutchinson 28 tires are still a pain and benefitted more from not having to unseat the beads. Those are still a crapshoot with a charger pump, more often than not they need a CO2 cartridge or a visit to the LBS.

  • campirecord

    anybody out there wants to venture on the different tools shown in the kaizen foam. I can match a few like the abbey tools but what about the bearing loaders punchers ?

    • Dave Rome

      I’m happy to play this game, although I may have an unfair advantage.

      • James Huang

        Ha, same here :)

    • Josh

      I think the top left corner is a park tool one. The 2nd one down on the right is park tool. Third one down on the right is a bb30 park tool remover. 2nd from the left at the top of the photo may be a crown race puller? Below that is a dummy pedal from park tool. Im not sure about the 4 orange tools although I assume they all work in conjunction with each other. Above the park tool chainbreaker is a park tool dummy hub.

      • Dave Rome

        Mostly right. Though there is no crown race puller or Park Tool chain breaker pictured. :)

        And the orange tools all work separately.

  • Doubtful Guest

    $20 case that provides good protection, and the sleeve is flexible to allow 3 cards and a couple of bills: https://silksmartish.com/products/silk-iphone-7-8-plus-tough-wallet-case-armor-rugged-grip-credit-card-protective

    • Crash Bandicoot

      These are Fantastic!!! I use them on my phone as does my wife. No more wallets for us. Bellroy is overpriced.

      • Dave Rome

        Hadn’t seen that before, thanks for sharing. They look like great value, and with better protection than the Bellroy. Though I really dislike thick phone cases – prior to the Bellroy I was case free.

        • Doubtful Guest

          It’s going to be thicker than a single card case, but it’s a real wallet-replacer. I need a couple of cards and a driver’s license to really leave the wallet at home.

        • Crash Bandicoot

          You’ll like this thickness isn’t bad at all and I keep 5 cards in the case. Plus it’s a nice cleanable plastic for us sweaty folk.

  • Tom Shield

    Do Velotoze come in a ribbed version? … To trip the boundary layer of course. ????


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