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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
  • Craig

    Nice job, good to see you back. Stay well.

  • Stewie Griffin

    You say you have gone on long enough, but I found it rather short.. Interesting point about the thyroid medication, seems like referring to someone like Ian Stannard..

    • Tom Soladay

      Great read. That’s why it may have felt short. Zipped through it.

    • DaveRides

      He’s done that a little more carefully than he did with Aru, not surprised that a guy like him cares more about lawsuits keeping him from visiting Britain than Italy.

  • L Byron

    Actually taking thyroid meds (i.e. levothyroxine) unnecessarily will give you hyperthyroidism not hypo. Yes, it may make you lose weight, but if you look at the laundry list of other things being hyperthyroid does to you, it’s not worth it. I’m on thyroid meds and intentionally kept at a hyperthyroid state for thyroid cancer, and it’s no picnic.

    • jules

      they don’t care. marginal gains are worth it for them. team doc will handle side effects and turn them into Frankenstein’s monster.

      • DaveRides

        And then discard them once their contract is up.

    • slowK

      I think he means that once you stop, you may develop hypothyroidism. Your body’s own production of thyroid hormone will be inhibited by taking extra, and it may take time for this to resume.

      • jules

        I believe Pantani suffered similar problems when he stopped taking EPO. He’d trained his body that it didn’t need to produce red blood cells.

        • DaveRides

          A similar effect is also observed in athletes who abuse cortisone, their production of natural cortisol is suppressed.

          • jules

            Of course these are old problems that don’t affect the modern generation

            • DaveRides

              They do still have those problems, they just have TUEs to explain why.

      • CyclingCraze

        Is a thyroid med why Froome lost 15-20 lbs so fast in his miracle transformation?

    • Rom Phillips

      I used to be hyperthyroid – might lose some weight but you get the shakes and are knackered all the time from a supercharged metabolism. They zapped my thyroid so now I’m hypothyroid and on the synthetic meds. I thought it would be an easy test to check your levels to see if the indicators are out of normal range. I get this done regularly.

  • Ragtag

    oh cmon eager to hear about this: “………….on what guys actually think of some of the equipment we ride”. When is your next article coming out?

    • jules

      I wonder if this is about the 1x bikes

  • noob_sauce

    I’ve mentioned it lot’s of times in a bunch of cycling websites by I totally admire Lotto-Soudal for supporting Stig Broeckx through his ordeal. This is someone who last year we weren’t sure if he could talk, much less would ride competitively for their squad. #FightForStig

    • Stan Cox

      Hear hear. This is without question the best news of the year.

    • David9482

      Totally agree… not to mention there was a serious chance he would not survive, or would be in a vegetative state.

      So glad he has recovered. His parents and friends and family must be so relieved.

      • G Hofman

        players union should have it any injured cyclists should have support packages so no matter the team they have support,

  • Eric

    Totally agree on the rider of the year, Tom was amazing and Moscon was a genuine dickhead. Love his theory about the training camp.

  • Bex

    very interesting piece, thanks for putting that one together CT & pro.

  • Big J

    Talking about losing weight, that article was quite thin!

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017