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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
  • That beautiful Alchemy on a trainer makes me sad.

  • MattHurst

    Zwift is fun, hard, time efficient and simple. It never replaces riding outdoors in terms of aesthetics, skill development, environmental catharsis or social interaction, but hey…it makes riding feasible when you think you just can’t fit it in ????

    • Yossarian

      or when you’re unable to ride on the road as a result of brain surgery.

      • RayG

        Or if you had a pain in your liver that fell just short of being jaundice

        • Sean

          Or when you have a demanding job and are too soft to head out early morning in the dark during winter.

          • winkybiker

            Rule #5. and commute by bike!

          • Yossarian

            Gee, imagine if you found a brain tumour in that soft head of yours.

        • Yossarian

          I’m sure you’re not comparing a pain in your liver with a brain tumour. That would be rather a turn wouldn’t it. Oh well, I hope you’re able to overcome your discomfort soon enough.

    • Nitro

      Or when you’re in rehab from breaking bones and just about every ligament in your foot. Rehab plan says riding, but not on the road.

  • Val

    Did Zwift pay for this article? Just curious.

    • Neal Rogers

      No, Zwift did not pay for this article

      • Val

        Ok. Thanks.

        • Dave Rome

          For future reference, we always have, and always will clearly state if content has any commercial backing to it.

      • Nitro

        Don’t worry – I’m a fan of Zwift to the extent that several people have asked me if I get paid to post positive stuff about it on Social Media.

        Alas no – I just like to spread the word when companies get it right… Come to think of it, I must have recommended CyclingTips to about 50 people over the years….

        • Fred angel

          So to get on with Zwift and buy the minimum for a trainnig base, how much pesos do you have to invest?

          • Robert Merkel

            See here.

            Very basic setup includes:

            * dumb trainer from the supported trainer list.
            * speed sensor
            * PC, Mac, or iPad. If you’ve got a laptop, that works just fine, but the more GPU grunt your PC has, the better and smoother Zwift runs.
            * fan.
            * trainer mat.

            From there…

            * a power meter (any kind) is a heck of a lot more accurate than a dumb trainer + speed sensor.
            * heart rate monitors are nice to have, particularly if you’re used to that data.

            If you want to experience the resistance changing as the terrain goes up and down, you’re looking for a smart trainer. Shane Miller has one of the best guides for smart trainers with Zwift. For what it’s worth, I spent the 1500-odd AUD for the original Kickr and have never regretted it.

          • Nitro

            Check out @GPLama on You Tube – the absolute master of this stuff – Heaps of videos about how to get up and running… Including the latest Apple TV version of Zwift which has to be the bargain of the year…

          • James Huang

            The cheapest Zwift-compatible trainer I know of is the Bkool Smart Go, which retails for $400: https://store.bkool.com/en/48-bkool-smart-go-simulator-1-year.html

            Is it any good? I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say. But the specs are decent for the price, and if the only thing it does is let you get into simulators like Zwift and others, that’ll be enough for many.

  • Geoffrey Knobl

    Sure, a smart trainer is what you want but at $1300 or more, it’s simply not feasible for many, including me. I just spent well over a year paying off a “cheap” $3000 bike that I use for both my trainer and my riding. Getting that trainer now or anytime in the next year at that price is simply not an option. And I consider myself middle class in terms of earnings. I feel that your target audience is a bit more well paid than me and most of my biking compatriots. I would keep us more mortal duffers in mind, next time. That said, Zwift on a traditional trainer with bluetooth capabilities, is still a wonderful experience compared to just riding indoors with a group or while watching TV. It beats anything out there and the cost IS manageable (though the 50% rise recently announced is not nice).

    • James Huang

      Yep, I can’t really afford any of the mainstream smart trainers out there, either! But at $400, this one might just be a decent choice:


      It’s not “direct drive”, nor does it generate as much resistance as the premium models. But at one-third the price, I can live with that.

    • HamishM

      You can get a Tacx Vortex Smart for a lot less than that. It works great with Zwift, TrainerRoad, Fulgaz etc. I’ve had one for nearly two years and it’s been more than enough.

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017