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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
  • Chris

    I like.
    So CT brainstrust – I have a fun problem in that I want a custom carbon ride that’s light and zippy. My preferred LBS reps quite a few custom builders and I’ve kind of shortlisted:
    – This Werking Model S
    – The Deanima Unblended
    – The Allied Cycleworks Echo
    Anyone got an opinion or experience?

  • Ashok Captain


    Good looking bike. In the image of the bb (see above) it seems that the cables exiting the down-tube would rub the frame every at every shift and probably eventually result in cutting it. I had a similar issue with a Masstec frame and have put some ‘disposable cable liners’ between the cable exit port and the bb cable guides. So far they’ve stayed in position. Has anyone any other solutions for this? Electronic is not an option! : D

    Also curious as to how the threaded insert on the right-hand side of the bottom bracket was repaired. . .

    • James Huang

      I can’t comment on how the bottom bracket cup was repaired in this particular instance, but I’m happy to chime in on your cable routing question.

      Those cables exit on the underside of the down tube, but they enter on the top side up at the head tube. As a result, the cables take a direct diagonal path through the tube. Assuming Werking has located those exit ports properly, there should be no rubbing whatsoever.

      • James is right, the cables did not cut into the paint or the frame. As for the repair, I’m sorry, but I don’t have any details on what was done.

        • david__g

          They do look like they touch though. Do they?

        • Ashok Captain

          Thanks for the reply MW. Appreciated. As david_g says they seem to touch (probably unclear in the photograph). I’m considering ditching the short lengths of cable liner next time I replace the cables and using ‘helicopter tape’

      • Ashok Captain

        Thanks for the reply JH. Appreciated.

    • Usually when I ship the frame to customers I put ptfe internal cable, so it protect this part from shifting cable friction. Painting will be not damaged. Actually this part is redesigned, without the aluminum part, the cable is insert directly on the tube, less weight, more stiffness and best shifting.

      • Ashok Captain

        Thanks for replying Andreas. All the best!

    • Ashok Captain

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3840b394b2dec254d63edc953521ff41efa7ee360207dee68cb061a3d4e30b48.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3840b394b2dec254d63edc953521ff41efa7ee360207dee68cb061a3d4e30b48.png

      If exiting derailleur cables rub frame (apparently not in this case) see Stelbel solution, recently covered by Cycling Tips for an alternate option which is slightly heavier, adds a wee bit more friction, but is definitely less ‘cutting edge’ than bare cables.

  • Ssanchez

    TIME pedals FTW

  • Josh

    Amazing photography!

    • Thanks, Josh. It was such a pleasure photographing this bike. I’m so glad Andrea decided to take a risk with the colour when getting the frameset painted.

      • Josh

        My favourite shots were the ones on the rock face with the sea in the background and the shots with the really narrow depth of field

  • Tom Shield

    Beautiful paint job but those little bolts holding the rear dropouts on to thin tabs would worry me. The flexibility of replaceable dropouts is nice but only if you don’t introduce another mode of failure.

    • Many people are worried about these two bolts, but I would like to write you my experience with a customer: he had a crash with a car (directly on the rear derailleur) So wheel, shimano rear derailleur and also the Aluminum dropout was thrown into the trash. With only 45 euro he had two new dropouts. Carbon fiber part has not been damaged. The thickness is 7 mm, you have to use a really gigantic force to break it, but under car crash each part of your bike could be easily broken.

      • Tom Shield

        Good to hear it worked well for him.

  • toffee

    The frame essentially completely fails with the threaded bb insert coming out, yet it still gets an 8.6? . If I had bought this frame, and this had happened to me, would I recommend someone else to buy one? definitely not.

    The failure clearly show there was no friction interface, as indicated by the manufacturer, which is definitely a bad idea, and also shows instead of a full sleeved bb shell, 2 separate cups, something I also don’t thing is a great idea.

    Its one thing to give the builder the benefit of the doubt, but I think one should rate the products actual performance.

    • With just one sample to work with, I have no way of objectively judging this aspect of Werking’s workmanship. But by discussing the issue, potential buyers can decide the matter for themselves. It’s a fallacy to believe that any frame builder, large or small, has a blemish-free record, so the real test lies with how they respond to the issue. And in this instance, Werking was intent on fixing it as quickly and as conveniently as possible, which I count as an encouraging sign.

  • M S

    Looks pretty good with the Rovals. Are they on there just because of review overlap, or did you decide to make those wheels your go-to?

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017