Can an e-bike replace the second family vehicle?

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Six months ago I looked at my decrepit scooter that I bought as our second vehicle that was supposed to solve all my traffic congestion woes. Now, the scooter just sits there collecting dust and spiderwebs except for the odd day I need to go somewhere that parking will be an issue.

I love my ride to work. There’s no better way to start and finish the day. It’s my incidental exercise and clears my head. I’m also fortunate that 90% of my commute is on a bike path.

I wanted to see if an e-bike would replace our second vehicle for commuting to work and running errands – the same thing that I bought that scooter for. I approached the good folks at Specialized to see if I could borrow one of their e-bikes and they were able to lend me a Turbo Vado for a longterm trial to see how it fit into my life. I’ve had short experiences on e-bikes before, but nothing long enough that allowed me to discover new habits.

Six months later, I’ve recorded my experiences in the short video above and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


Do you have an e-bike, or are you strictly pedal power? How could you see one integrating into your life? 

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