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December 16, 2017
December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
  • martivickers

    We live in an age where sport is devoid of romance. and here is some romance; the pre-eminent, but aging, grand tour rider of his era risking a share of immortality for the chance of unique immortality. My instinct is he will come into the giro undercooked, rather like he came into the Tour this year, and will still peak towards the beginning of the Tour, just as he arguably peaked this year not at the Tour, but at the Vuelta.
    But so what? Where is the real glory? To win something difficult, or to throw yourself at something impossible? Maybe it is hubris. Good on him for hubris then. No-one will cry if he gets stuck on 4 Tours, no-one will feel bad for him. But at least he’ll know. He will have measured himself against his own capacity for belief, his imagination for glory. It’s worth losing to be able to do that.

    • starclimber

      Exactly. He wants to see if he can do it. The pride will come later.

    • Caley Fretz

      Can’t say I disagree with you.

  • Crash Bandicoot

    I like this move I think the 2018 Tdf route does not suit Dumoulin (god I hate myself for always forgetting how to spell his name) and there is a large enough gap for Froome to recover with the Tour getting pushed back next year. You are right he is aging and but no one can really expect that Team Sky is going to keep being this dominant for years to come and this is his best shot. He’s got to hit 5 and I think he still has 2 good cracks at it before he gets too old. My guess is he gives it 1-1.5 weeks of aggressive racing if sky can’t control it and he’s not very clearly in the lead than he’ll shut it down and either pull out or use this as a training build for Le Tour. Ohh and lance won 7 tours read the secret race and tell me that anyone could have competed without using EPO.

  • dG

    Ahem, well, Indurain’s reign ended at 32, when he retired. Not 34. But I agree 100% with everything else. If the Giro-Tour fried a most-capable Quintana, can’t say Froome might do any better. Not with Dumoulin, Bardet, etc waiting on the wings. Excellent piece.

    • Patrick

      but froome has consistently proven himself to be better than quintana and has the team support to look after him better too.
      i’d give him a better chance than anyone else at the moment, not the least because he just did much the same thing with the tour-vuelta double.
      part of me hopes he does it to prove that it can be done and encourage others to try, part of me hopes he crashes and burns so that we don’t have sch a dominant figure in GT racing (but then as noted, his time is coming towards an end so others will have their chance before too long)

    • Crash Bandicoot

      C’mon comparing Froome to Quintana is ridiculous. Quinatana has proven time and time again to falter in most of his big GT attempts where he comes in as a favorite and he has a penchant for getting sick after big race loads. Dumoulin is unlikely to race the tour next year as the course doesn’t suit him.

    • Jonathan Ryan

      Quintana, the most overrated GT rider. We might have seen his last Gt victory. Remember Andy Schleck? Maybe not but he got beat by Tom in a race he was supposed to destroy.

  • Enache

    Froome will do Giro – Vuelta – Worlds , Giro – Tour is just smoke.

    • Jonathan Ryan

      I wish, just to see him win world’s but we shall see.

    • truthtopower

      Interesting idea, but he has never excelled as a one day racer or in races that long. I don’t think he has even completed a race of that length.

  • Struan

    Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.

    Froome and Team Sky are criticized for making cycling boring with a predictable and metronomic controlling of the peloton in a relatively low risk Grand Tour strategy where they make that their singular goal of the season.

    Now they are trying something different, taking a chance, reducing the likelihood they can control either race the way they singularly control the Tour de France and they’re being criticized for it.

    In one decision, Froome went from predictably boringly to a daring risk taker ala Contador.

    Previously, I had less interest watching the Giro because it didn’t contain the best GT riders. Now it has a fresh Froome. Previously, I had less interest in watching recent Tours because of Team Sky’s suffocating dominance. Now, it will be less so with Froome and his top lieutenants arriving in a different condition and his main competition relatively fresh.

    In 2018, the Giro and the Tour will both be more interesting and intriguing races to watch. I hope Froome wins both to reward his pistolero daring! If he wins the Giro and podiums the Tour, I will personally have more respect for his achievments longer term because he won all three Grand Tours.

    • MushieG

      This is exactly what I was thinking. The Tour will be an interesting one to watch and it will certainly attract more people to watch the Giro. Good on him for trying something different!

      The only negitive thing that i could think of was that some of his team mates who would normally get a chance to have a go in the other tours keep missing out, which might make them a little bitter/annoyed.

      • Crash Bandicoot

        Welcome to team sky though; honestly after watching Porte, Thomas, Cavendish, Landa etc. if you are coming to team sky to be a GC you better be 4 things, talented, young, willing to wait, and willing to devote yourself to one leader.

  • ITguru

    I welcomed this news, it adds to the excitement of both races. I think it’s a shame that the best cyclists of the generation typically have a laser focus on only one race per year, the TDF. If Froome is in rough shape at the 2018 Tour (like Quintana in 2017), possibly it will open the door for other talent on Sky to show their stuff – think of what Landa might have done last year if unleashed. Overall as a fan I love the drama in these races and find the death grip control Sky exerts in the TDF to be extremely effective, but boring to watch.

    • Patrick

      i expect to see sky bring Geraint Thomas to the tour as a backup option in case froome is fried so he may get his chance anyway

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Hubris = excessive pride or self-confidence. IWhile I don’t want this in a president and I’ve never been a fan of Froome, I applaud the man for the guts to take on a new, big challenge. Would you suggest Merckx or Hinault should have been content with a series of TdF wins to the exclusion of much else? Those racers are respected because they tried to win all the big races rather than being content with being the king in July each year. Froome’s too often been guilty of racing “not to lose” rather than to win but this seems to be a sign of change – perhaps that is what has upset you and resulted in this rather whiny rant?

    • ZigaK

      I think the author of this “rather whiny rant” was inflammatory on purpose, to get a discussion going.

  • Doug Mck

    This comes across as very, very harsh. Why not give it a go? One wonders if you had an equally critical article ready if he hadn’t decided to go for the giro…

  • reippuert

    Maybe Frome saw the TDF parcour and thoght – i aint gonna win that, especially with Domulin there and a parcour that also favours Nibali – hell i take the 2 mill and ask the Giro organizers to Limit the amount of racing km above 2000m (which the did)

  • Oldan Slo

    I had to check twice to see if this was another Peter Flax article.

  • slartiblartfast

    If Froome had not entered the Giro there would have been another article asking why not and labelling Froome as boring.

  • bryan

    Maybe he just wants to try it… does he need a better reason?

  • krashdavage

    Pointless, whiny piece.

  • mh

    Such a rant…
    Usually I like articles here but this one is poor.

    • velocite

      My sentiments too. This reads like a confected opinion manufactured to generate comment. Greed and hubris are not the only two possible motivations, silly statement. I was very surprised at the announcement: I thought Froome would be banking everything on Tour number 5, but no, he’s putting this at risk and going for a more difficult prize. And the idea that 33 is over the hill for a GT is a bit odd.

  • CB

    This reads as something of an obligatory contrary piece to what is a very brave move. A move that will dominate discussion for the next 5 months. I would say that could it be a rider who has swept all before him, stuck to pretty much the same Tour prep routine for some time simply wanting to change things up? As for the reference to the 5 time winners and the age their streaks ended (all riders who took on the Giro), Indurain was 31 when he won his last TDF, and by the time he was 34 was 2 years retired.

  • d;

    OK, let’s have Porte at the Giro as well.

  • Brad Reiter

    I’d argue a Giro victory is potentially more important to Froome’s palmares than another tdf victory. Especially if it means he’ll have swept 3 grand tours in a row in the process.

  • Dale Smith

    Someone having a go at something near impossible…call it what you like but what is there not to love!!!!

  • Cal C

    I’m not an elite athlete, but I’m the same build as Froome. 190cm and 64kg. At 44 years old, I haven’t suffered any decline since my twenties or thirties, in fact I’m climbing faster every year. To someone with a (fast twitch) muscular build, the thirties will be their peak. I never had much (or any!) fast twitch muscles. I had to do enormous amounts to make a tiny gain. The benefit of being nearly all slow twitch is all the tiny gains you make stay with you. All this is to say, I don’t Froome is anywhere near his retirement or peak physically. He’s not a sprinter, he has many years in which he can still improve, if he can stay interested and have goals. He is just making it interesting for himself.

  • John Maher

    I love the Giro and think that he’s damaging his chances of a tour win too. But that doesn’t mean he’s an outsider for it.
    But with 4 tours already in the pocket his legacy is already assured. I think he would be better served by having won all the grand tours e.g. 4 tours 1 vuelta 1 giro, than 5 tours if that was on offer.

  • James

    Froomey riding the Giro is the best cycling news I’ve heard in a long time but someone still has to criticise it….

  • Cruz er

    Why tear the man down before anything has happened? A strange commentary. I understand opening a discussion on the pros and cons of Froome’s decision but to so staunchly dismiss Froome like this… what will happen this summer if Froome is in yellow in Paris? Will Caley have to eat a printout of this article, sitting naked on the Champs Elysees?

  • Rich

    Caley. With all due respect you are a writer who is writing for a minor website with not a single book to his name. You are a man cruising along in life. Nothing wrong with that – so am I.
    Froome isn’t though. He’s someone who wants to achieve big things. And he doesn’t want to retire wondering what could have been. He’s going to find out for himself. He’s also not someone immersed in the history of the sport.
    You’re looking at this through your eyes not his.

    • Cruz er

      Bit harsh mate. Not a fan of the tone but character assasination is not in order.

    • Steve S

      Yeow, you want a saucer of milk?

      Froome, lol, he’ll be gone soon (from cycling, sky and the UK) then things will get interesting again.

      • Cliff Nichols

        Saucers of milk eh- somewhat ironic considering the tenor of your own comment don’t you think?

  • DaveRides

    Well done Caley, I took the bait and clicked.

  • Nick Clark

    Or, perhaps, it’s a rider who has won four TdFs and wants to attempt to accomplish something else…

    To be the defending champ for all three GTs would be something pretty special, and alongside 4 TdFs would make for a remarkable palmares.

  • kärntnabua

    Two people have ever held all three Grand Tours at the same time. For Froome to want his name on the list with Mercx and Hinault is neither greed nor hubris but ambition.

  • Luke Duke

    What a cockeyed article…. You should be congratulating Froome for taking it to the rest of the Pro Cycle elite… I’ll win 4 TdF, then go win a Vuelta and look out here goes the Giro. It turns the world upside down, tour teams will have to adjust, react, replan… the opportunity to beat him on the Giro, will he be too tired for the TdF, will he miss the Tour and do the Giro and Vuelta instead?

    It’s massively entertaining, by the time we get to the Giro cycling folks will be lapping up the prospect of a very exciting season in each of the main tours.

    Like I said, cockeyed article.

  • zosim

    When did CT become the DailyMail Online for cycling?

    • DaveRides

      If only.

      The Daily Mail are the only ones doing any actual journalistic work on cycling at the moment.

  • Paul Webb

    Cant see for the life of me why he would attempt it? Its not like he just achieved it this year!

  • ebbe

    Possibly without realising it, you’ve answered your own question in this article, Caley ;-)

    “But would a man who already has millions risk a five-Tour win legacy for two million more?

    There’s greed.”

  • Wilsi

    I don’t agree with the sentiment that this article is being overly harsh or critical. It’s clearly an opinion piece, worded controversially and designed to elicit comments and discussion. Which is exactly what happened.

  • MJ

    I have to admit to being disappointed by this article – not really what I’ve come to expect from CyclingTips. It’s click bait, at best.

    Froome’s decision to ride the Giro has nothing to do with hubris. Nothing at all. It has everything to do with the fact that it’s the one grand tour that is missing from his palmares and he knows that, to be considered one of the, if not the, greatest GC rider of all time he must have won the Giro. Yes, it’s pride, but it’s not hubris. Kind of like the difference between confidence and arrogance.

    Yes, Froome could keep returning to the tour year on year but he would then end up in a vicious cycle. He wins the tour, he has to go back to defend. Or, he wins one year, loses the next but has to return the year after to try and regain his title. Either way, at the very least we’re looking at a minimum of 3 more tours before he could escape that cycle, by which time it’s probably too late to go for the Giro. He’s breaking the cycle himself. He’s had the whole winter off, so he should come into the Giro fresh with the greatest possible chance of winning. If he does, and then loses the tour, so be it, he’s got the ready made excuse of “I’m tired from the Giro”. If he wins, it’s the greatest cycling achievement of the modern generation. If he loses both, at least he’s created some interest. Win, win as far as I’m concerned.

    So really, the article should read “Why 2018 is the best time for Froome to tackle the Giro – good on him”. Of course, that’s not a click bait headline so let’s go with some other nonsense instead.

    Hubris. Laughable.

    You can do better CyclingTips.

    And whilst it may have been deliberately written to incite comments, that’s a really rubbish way of writing articles and creating content. Making something that is entirely non-controversial into something controversial just for the sake of it is tabloid journalism.

  • WebbierRex

    Poor article. Cycling is about more than just the tour, and I expected someone who shares a passion for this sport to understand that. Admire the determination and grit rather than slander without facts or knowledge.

  • David9482

    This is going to be a huge huge challenge for Froome. He hasn’t looked invincible the past two years and he has some young motivated challengers who are coming right into the primes of their careers.

    I honestly think he’s jeopardizing his chance to join the greats with 5 TdF’s.

  • Jonathan Ryan

    Hubris, by a writer I’ve never heard of to come out so confident that they know the outcome of a sporting event. Same knucklehead Probably never thought Nibali would beat Froome,contador, etc to win the tour. That is why we have races. Remember when Quintana was going to destroy the field in last years Giro? You never know what will happen, that is why they race and journalists sit in a box, unknown generally. Those that don’t try, write about others.

  • plainbagel

    I’m really looking forward to a Froome-Dumoulin showdown! If the rumors are true, that Dumoulin is learning to control his bowels, Froome will surely find a tough challenger.

  • MattyP

    Better to die on your feet than live on your knees…

  • toffee

    This article is based on commplete bolocks. Do your really think froome wouled jepardise 5 tours. Not a chance. Of course he is lookin for a free ride at the giro. As soon as it gets problematic hell pullnout for toe tdf win. ..

    These article writtdn by people who have never won any notable race are complete click bait.

    Froome knows his ability. And the state of the current peleton. Everything is calculated. And the jiffy bags ready for dispatch. There will be no surprise fom me if he get the giro and the tour.

    Journalism without any true story is another issue. This article is pure speculation. I could have written it.

  • Ragtag

    Caley- have you left the VeloNews and joined here? Now that’s a publication that I associate more with “Hubris”. Writing 5 word opinions on bikes and calling them reviews. And like this article using a tone that screams “know it all’s”. If you have shifted to the Cycling Tips, then you may find that readers here don’t take this sort of nonsense writing. Maybe a bit less of VeloNews swag and a bit more Cycling Tips humbleness and you may find the readers more receptive.

December 16, 2017
December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017