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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
  • campirecord

    So many things could have scratched deeper on the personna…

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Am I the only one who read this and thought “The Donald Trump of Israel”? I hope I’m wrong but I think RCS will rue the day they got involved with this fellow and his project.

    • Luke Burns

      Exactly what I thought. Very Trumpish. Would be nice if all cycling commentators could draw attention to Israel’s oppression so the attempt to normalise Israel backfires. Also interesting that after saying ‘let’s keep politics separate from sport’ then more or less states in the last paragraph the purpose of starting in Israel is politics ‘to move the needle on the perception of Israel.’ I wonder if Froome has thought about the ethics of his decision as much as he’s thought about the ethics of TUEs

      • Larry @CycleItalia

        Trump with a bit of Oleg Tinkoff mixed in?

  • Chris

    Mum said it doesn’t matter how good it is someone will always find a negative so ignore them. You guys gotta be left wingers and while Adams hangs himself out there you bring your politics straight into cycling. Cycling is crying out for sponsorship dollars and Adams is spending a squllion developing advanced sports and cycling facilities and by bringing the Giro to the Middle East. What a fantastic global cycling promotion this is for that area of the planet and all you guys want to do is bring it down before it starts. Give us all a break fellas!

    • Neal Rogers

      Curious, what exactly was the negative in this piece? How does this interview in any way try to “bring it down before it starts”? We were accused of having been paid by Adams for this piece in a Facebook comment thread — which is of course untrue — so I’m genuinely confused. I take comfort in knowing that if there are reactions spread that far across the spectrum, that generally means we played it straight down the middle.

      • Rude

        Good ol’ Sylvan! Always a master at tooting his own horn. Good article nevertheless.
        Here is some background on this interesting character (in french though): http://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/10c6971f-39a0-4d4f-b5b5-a42fc2c611e5%7C_0.html

      • Der Flahute

        Great piece Neal. Always gonna get naysayers–like all the opposition to another Colorado Pro Tour stage in Boulder (NIMBY city).

      • MattF

        Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Chris is having a go at the commentary and not the article or sentiments expressed in it. Is it maybe another US-Aus lost in translation thing?

      • campirecord

        Not really. Basic research would have told you how Adams was one of the highest declared tax evader in Canada (settled with a one time paiement). A moment that triggered his sudden move to Israel. This has often been his way. In Canada, this is sine qua none to good citizenship as we run a plethora of social programs. No thanks for Adams. His cycling has been the same. In a peloton, his handling was sub par (to scary) but the questionnable power he sustained was indeed impressive which made a him a one trick poney for escape TT in a disorganized peloton. Now, if you scratched really deep, within the federation, you would find some unexplained fiscal relationships that, of course, I would not expect you to cover. As even some of our best enquiry journalists have decided not to tackle. Let me just say that a whole generation of master cyclists hung up their bikes when the youthful Adams legs showed up. You can’t argue about the need that Adams of this world fulfill in the sport. It’s really the ways that are questionnable. I predict that Cycling Academy’s wild card pick will be a joke and will make us all more cynical of the old adage that “cycling is purely a money game”.

        • Neal Rogers

          Basic research revealed that his family had been implicated in tax avoidance, but settled and was never charged with a crime — and that the tax laws have since changed. If that’s incorrect, please show me where he was charged with a crime. Perhaps that should have been included, but the piece was really about his role in professional cycling, not his business, and reports I found varied and were usually not in English. As for his masters racing background, that’s interesting, but certainly not easily accessible information. Perhaps good material for a follow up piece, if you can help provide some sources. As explained in the intro, this was a bit of an unconventional interview in that I provided questions through an intermediary, who recorded my questions with Adams’ answers; I was not in Tel Aviv. I’m sorry if you found it lacking. I’ll admit I knew nothing about Adams until a few days before the interview took place. But I think in the context of the Giro start, and the Israel Cycling Academy team, there is a fair amount of interesting information presented.


          • campirecord

            I don’t find it lacking Neil. It’s a Q and A after all. I’m just adding color. When you owe more than half a billion dollars in taxes and you settle for a quick settlement for something you are not guilty of (example, not guilty of trying not to pay 125 million and then paying it). I think we will both agree to probably one of the biggest heist being done daily by companies. Let’s not have that naive editorial spin. When google and Apple pay billions in taxes in Europe because they put IP in a 2,000 people island and pay no taxes… They are guilty in my mind. Call it what you want to call it, but dont call it clean or white wash it… pppllleeease.

    • jules

      Criticizing the political undertones that Neal clearly tried to deal with sensitively for what is obviously a political bias of your own is hypocritical.

      Having said I hope it’s a great event and something Israelis can be proud of.

    • Larry @CycleItalia

      Did you read the entire piece? As to bringing politics (right or left) into cycling, are you claiming this – “…I get fulfillment as well as a Zionist,” isn’t bringing politics into it? This the same old “sportwashing” used by corrupt, anti-democratic regimes and corporate polluters the world over. Pro cycling has allowed its image to fall so far that these days pretty much the only sponsorship money to be had is from awful sources like these. That’s not something to celebrate IMHO.

  • zeresh geresh

    he should own WT team

  • David Bonnett

    Adams says about Team UAE, and Bahrain-Merida: “So I don’t hear much political discussion about those two teams….” Really? It seems to me that there has been a lot of conversation about those teams, the UCI’s myopia around human rights and the willingness to let finances prevail over transparency. The strong reaction to the phrase “West Jerusalem” and the contorted revision from RCS make it clear that everyone involved is very aware of the political aspects – this part of the Giro is far from being purely about sport.

  • triumphtheinsultcomicdog

    this guy sounds like a humble, reasoned, charismatic person…. for me to poop on

    • Bob

      But he’s good on the bike….

  • Neuron1

    Reuben, Ben and Nathan. All we need is David (Rebellin), Levi (Leipheimer) and Jesus (Herrada) to join and we have a really good start.

    But seriously, is there anybody out there willing to spend money on the sport that is going to be okay as a sponsor? I pine for the days of enough shampoo and coffee machine makers with the cash to drop on something a frivolous as sponsoring a cycling team.

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017