CyclingTips Podcast: The 2017 CyclingTips tech awards

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Like most years, 2017 saw dubious and outlandish marketing claims, brilliant bits of trickle-down engineering, and trends that will change the face of the bike industry forever. What was the best tech of the year just past? And what about the worst?

In this podcast, CyclingTips editors James Huang, Claey Fretz, and Dave Rome hand out the first annual CyclingTips Tech Awards (working title — help us come up with a better one in the comments). They delve into delayed product releases, trends that are dominating the industry, marketing mishaps, weird tyre repair solutions, and the most anticipated products for 2018.

Given it was recorded just prior to holiday break, none of it was taken too seriously, so we hope you enjoy listening to what was the final CyclingTips podcast recorded in 2017.

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After you’ve listened, please leave your feedback — what worked, what didn’t, what you’d like more of, and of course, if you’ve got a better awards title for us to use in 2018 — in the comments section below.

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