Launching Attaquer on the Emporium

This content was produced for the CyclingTips Emporium.

Video & Photography by @WeAreSplintr & Marcus Enno (Beardy McBeardy)


At the CyclingTips Emporium, our role is to bring you the latest apparel and accessories from new and established cycling brands around the world. Today, we’re pleased to introduce the full range from Australian brand Attaquer to the Emporium, including the brand new Race ULTRA+ collection.

Followers of the CyclingTips Emporium will be familiar with Australian apparel brand, Attaquer. We have a bit of history with Attaquer, developing a unique collaboration kit in 2016 which recognised the Kaurna people and their land: the region of the Adelaide Plains. The response to this collection was overwhelming – so much so that six months later we featured their super-popular Cloud 9 kit, which was a part of their Season 9 Collection.

Fast forward another 16 months and Attaquer is one of the leading cycling apparel brands in Australia, building their range and reputation with each new release. In addition to Attaquer’s stalwart Core collection, A-Line collection and original Limited offerings, we’re featuring their newest Race ULTRA+ release on the CyclingTips Emporium. We spoke to the Attaquer crew about their latest release.

“When we began working on the Race ULTRA+ project, our mission was to create the most innovative cycling kit available, offering the ultimate in aerodynamics, comfort, performance and rider connectivity,” co-founder Stevan Musulin said. “After over 12 months of product development and testing, we are proud to present Race ULTRA+”.

“Our team designs all of our collections in-house, then we work alongside our manufacturing partners to bring them to life. Compared to when we first started, we now make such a broad range of products to cater for a wider variety of riders. We look to customise each line so that our customers have a choice and can select based on fit, style, and riding needs. We also draw on customer feedback to make sure we’re always improving and catering to their needs.”

“Over time we’ve built strong and trusted relationships with our manufacturing and material partners, which means we now have direct access to the best performance fabric producers in the world and this impacts the way we design our garments. In particular, we’ve been able to make our A-Line collection more accessible to a broader range of customers who want to enjoy our kit, by producing in Asia, whilst still using high-quality fabrics from Italy, Switzerland and across Europe. All our other collections are made in Italy.”

Attaquer’s full range, and in particular their premium level Race ULTRA+ collection, is bound to capture attention for all the right reasons. It features progressive design, the highest quality technical fabrics, and true to the brand’s roots, raises the bar of technological innovation in cycling apparel.


“We’re committed to continually challenging the traditions of cycling and look to draw even more inspiration from beyond the cycling industry. There’s definitely plenty of opportunity for growth, so we’ll keep being bold, a bit daring, not complacent – that’s our continued promise to our customers. We’re in the midst of cutting back to what we’ve always embodied as a brand. Attaquer has always been an attitude to us, a way of thinking, your own style of riding. This idea that before you throw your leg over the bike when you’re kitting up, you can step outside of yourself and be your Alter Ego”