CyclingTips Podcast: The gun debate seeps into cycling and the future supremacy of indoor riding

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The conversation and debate over gun control following the Parkland shooting in Florida has seeped into the cycling world. Some consumers have called for a boycott of bike brands owned by the massive firearms and ammunition company Vista Outdoor, which is a major benefactor of the National Rifle Association. But would such a boycott be effective? This week’s episode of the CyclingTips Podcast looks into the issue.

As always, your three hosts discuss the week in bike news, from Tom Dumoulin’s terrible bike throw to Alexander Vinokourov’s strange financial woes.

A popular trail system outside Denver is allowing e-mountain bikes on trails as part of a pilot program. Is it doomed to failure?

Finally, James Huang pulls out his crystal ball and looks into the future of indoor training, augmented reality, and games like Zwift. Could indoor training of the future match or even surpass outdoor riding?

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