CyclingTips Podcast: The world’s slowest wheel change and a bit of world politics

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Your three hosts are back in Neal Rogers’ basement for this week’s episode, where they run through this week’s bicycle news before tackling a bit of world politics and the latest incarnations of both the disc brake and e-bike debates.

First up, a quick news roundup and a chat with Brandon McNulty, just 19 years old, who almost won a stage of the Dubai Tour in a solo breakaway. 

As the winter Olympics kick off, Caley Fretz and Neal look into the link between the Games, hacking, public opinion campaigns, and Team Sky’s scandals. What ties them all together? Fancy Bear, the hacking group tied to the Russian government. Turns out Sky, American democracy, and the Olympic movement have quite a lot in common.

Then, should cyclocross be part of the Winter Olympics? Does it want to be?

This week’s Nerd Alert with James Huang dissects Elia Viviani’s ridiculously long disc brake wheel change and Katie Compton’s disc-sliced knee. Plus, should e-mountain bike racing be a thing? 

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