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Like all essential pieces of clothing, they serve a purpose which separates them from all the unnecessary items in your wardrobe and elevates them to the status of a staple item. Base layers form the foundation for any kit and play an important role across all seasons. Not only must they be comfortable against your skin for long, hard days in the saddle but during the summer months, they wick away moisture to create a regulated climate between the garment and body. While through winter they keep you warm against the elements while still maintaining a level of breathability that adjusts to your sweat rate. Emporium is helping to guide every day cyclist’s wardrobe decisions so that you stay comfortable on the bike, allowing you to ride harder for longer.

Summer Base Layers 

 The age-old theory of less is more need not apply here. Contrary to popular belief, base layers actually work to dissipate heat from your body by wicking away moisture to the outer layers of construction where it is quickly evaporated through the microfiber mesh fabric. Not only is wearing a base layer more comfortable against your skin, summer base layers will keep sweat away from your skin when riding hard to help regulate your core temperature, then when it’s time to descend down a mountainside it will insulate your body from the crisp breeze.

Merino Base Layers   

It’s no secret that Merino wool is a performance fibre like no other, but what exactly are the benefits of this natural wool over synthetic options? Foremost are it’s temperature regulation properties, which derive from it’s ability to transfer moisture away from the skin. Merino fibre can absorb up to 35 percent of it’s dry weight in moisture while still feeling dry to touch, meaning you stay cooler when it’s hot & warmer when it’s cold as your skin surface temperature maintains equilibrium.

Merino base layers also offer excellent odour management, something that you loved ones or buddies at the cafe may be thankful for. Due to the structure of merino wool fibres, sweat molecules become trapped in their matrix before they degrade and cause that post work-out scent we all love.

Winter Base Layers

The first line of defence of your winter cycling kit should be a reliable base layer that insulates you from the harsh elements and makes those brutal winter mornings just that little bit more bearable. Breathability and efficient moisture regulation properties are still paramount for base layers during the darker months of the year and shouldn’t be sacrificed for the promise of extra warmth. These technological advancements in fabric composition can be found in a wide array of products on the Emporium.

Women’s Base Layers

Where once upon a time women had to simply size down men’s base layers, there is now a whole category of women’s specific base layers that are designed and tailored for the female body shape. Cut with additional coverage across the collarbone and back and featuring conveniently placed flatlock stitching to avoid rubbing with supporting pieces. Find an assortment of women’s specific base layers on the Emporium.

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