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For those in the southern hemisphere currently experiencing shorter, cooler days, the selection of your outwear may determine the comfort level of your ride. Selecting the right jacket for the conditions you’re likely to endure, or preparing to protect you from sudden surprises, is key to staying warm, yet not overheating.

MAAP have designed two brand new jackets to help you navigate all that winter may throw at you. The packable Shield jacket that folds into itself to fit easily into your jersey pocket, perfect for chilly valley descents after battling long climbs. The Annex jacket is a more substantial outer layer, designed to be layered over your regular jersey to keep you warm, with windproof chest and sleeve panels and a water resistant coating to combat light showers.

Keep the kilometres up throughout winter with the right apparel for the condition. Available now on the Emporium.


“Our lightest and most compressible jacket to date, the all-new Shield Jacket is purpose-made for windy training rides and coo, fast descents following big climbs. It’s near weightless material is highly breathable and remarkably durable, giving you greater adaptability in changing conditions. The ideal layer when you need it, yet easy to stow in your jersey pocket when you don’t.”


“A tough mid-weight jacket for transitioning season, our all-new Annex Jacket is specially engineered to block the wind and guard against scattered showers while keeping your body temperature regulated during high-tempo training rides in cooler months. Your go-to, go-anywhere piece to layer over a jersey in windy, wet and cool weather.”