Kirschner Brasil on the Emporium

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Hailing from the beautiful South American landscape we’re proud to introduce you to Kirschner Brasil. With a somewhat retrospective feel inspired by the European greats, designed with Brazilian flair, Kirschner Brasil makes clothing that all discerning cyclists deserve.

“We exist for the dedicated minority”

Kirschner Brasil’s clothing stands for functionality, understated style and attention to detail. Their cycling clothing is designed with the fit and features that make sense during hard hours in the saddle. Kirschner was born with the idea of offering a technical product they would recommend for hard cycling, coupled with the aesthetics of something they wanted to wear. Quality, function and thoughtful design.  The Kirschner Brasil range features short and long sleeve jerseys, vests and bib shorts inspired by European classics of the 50’s and 60’s and the rolling mountainscape of the Santa Catarina region.

Thanks to the weather and geographical extremes, one moment you’ll be riding through a valley in searing heat, the next you’ll be cresting a mountain above the clouds with the temperature dropping to near freezing. It’s not hard to imagine in Brazil you rarely finish a ride in the same amount of layers that you started in. All of Kirschner Brasil’s clothing is designed to work in harmony together, and be versatile, light and easy to carry. European style made in Brazil.

The range largely centres around solid colours with contrasting shoulder panels and striping around the arms and collar providing that retro-inspired feel coupled with cutting-edge materials and design features.

“We have developed a stylish and functional kit, transplanting European cycling heritage to new and fertile lands”

“Our cycling clothing is designed with the fit and features that make sense during hard hours in the saddle”