Navy Is The New Black: A Cyclist's Guide

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In recent years there has been an overarching trend away from the long-held traditional cycling apparel colour of choice, black. We’re seeing a shift towards what can only be described as the modern choice in fashion-forward cycling circles — navy blue.

Many brands are using navy blue as the foundation colour for their designs, as it’s much easier to match with an array of colours. This trend isn’t confined to one specific category of apparel either. Brands have fully embraced the darker shade of blue across their full ranges, from accessories to jackets and everything in between. Navy is perhaps the most versatile colour, able to transcend seasonal colours; no matter the time of year, navy blue has a place in your cycling wardrobe.

Keen to swap out your tired, boring black knicks, jersey or socks? We’ve composed a full head-to-toe guide on how to best delve into the deep blue. Every product in our guide can be found on the Emporium where we have curated the most sought-after boutique brands from across the globe.

This vast assortment of navy blue options will have you looking stylish and on-trend as you hit the open roads, or just the cafe…



The days of black bib shorts being the only wardrobe choice are but a distant memory. Navy blue is the new cool for those on two wheels,  and the majority of brands have made a shift from producing only black bib shorts to now featuring navy blue prominently in their latest ranges. Here are a few of our favourite Navy Blue bib shorts:


The classic blue suit is often referred to as being a ‘power suit’. While we can’t guarantee you’ll produce more power in a Navy jersey, you’ll most likely feel like a million bucks. Navy has a natural way of remaining understated, but when the light hits it just right, the blue highlights give off a subtle clue that there’s something different going on and tells onlookers that you mean business.

Whether you go full Navy on Navy bib shorts, or choose to mix and match (refer to our colour blocking guide if you haven’t read it yet) the choice is yours to carve your own style.

III. Jackets

A necessity if you’ve already committed to the Navy ensemble. Maybe you started with a few key Navy pieces during the summer, and with the weather turning you can’t bring yourself to pull on the black jacket you’ve been meaning to update in years. Well, here are some of our favourite jackets for when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop.

Warmers have to the most economical way to extend the wearability of your seasonal garments. Add some length to your jersey or bibs to help endure the cooler early morning starts, or the mid-ride rain shower.


Accessories take the matchy-matchy to all new levels. So why stop at your clothing? These smart options are available in a Blue hue too.


You wouldn’t wear black socks with a blue suit, unless you’re one of ‘those’ people, so why would you do the same when you’re throwing a leg over? When we said we had you covered from head-to-toe, we weren’t kidding!

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