Our 5 Favourite Summer Selections

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Our 5 Favourite Summer Selections

If you’re lucky enough to be living in the Northern Hemisphere right now, you will no doubt have noticed that the skies are bluer, the days have become longer, and the urge to get out there and ride your bike has grown stronger than it’s been in months. You might be thinking that it’s time to update last year’s wardrobe, or you’re starting to notice that the heat is impacting on your performance and you need something more breathable.

At the Emporium we’re adding new products, brands and ranges daily. So we thought we’d share 5 of our favourite summer products for the best riding time of the year.


Spanish brand Endless have just released their latest Sea Collection featuring the Átlantico Jersey as the centrepiece. Drawing inspiration from their love of the sea, the Italian made Átlantico Jersey combines exquisite detail through its navy pattern design with mesh side panels and flatlock stitching in an aerodynamic race cut fit. This jersey will keep you looking and feeling cool all summer long.


When things are heating up this summer keep your valuables safe and protected from the extra sweat that comes along with it! The Albion Waterproof Pouch is handmade in England and uses 100% waterproof fabric with a YKK waterproof zip to shield your phone, credit cards and other essential items from the elements.

Get the pouch on the Emporium in a range of colours including; black, blue, olive or orange/blue.


No summer wardrobe would be complete without a pair of lightweight summer bibs. From Pas Normal Studios in Denmark are the Solitude Mesh Bibs, a specifically lightweight and breathable bib short designed for the hottest days in the saddle.

Created with a highly breathable side panel for an even lighter and ultra-ventilated bib, you’ll hardly notice the Italian made fabric against your skin as you crest that final mountaintop in the searing summer heat.

Available on the Emporium in one colour only, the coolest of them all, black.


Ever wanted to feel like Steve McQueen in Bullitt or Ryan Gosling in Drive? Well now you can, and better yet, you can do it whilst clad in lycra. Inspired by the glory of cycling’s golden age with a combination of timeless style and performance-driven technology.

Vertex Classic Leather Gloves are exquisitely handmade from the finest African hair sheep leather which provides the highest level of comfort and protection. In addition to being tactile sensitivity and exceptionally soft, the leather is treated with special water and perspiration resistant technology which permanently protects the leather fibres without blocking its natural breathability.

Who would have naturally thought to wear leather in summer?


Featuring 14 functions and the capacity to carry four tool bits internally, the altum modual tool system is the only multi tool you’ll ever need. It’s ingenious design allows for multi-orientation, use it like a wrench or like a screwdriver. Tyre levers are attached magnetically to either side to form an ergonomic handle. Incorporating all these features into such a clever, compact design has seen Altum win multiple awards and critical praise worldwide.

Made from hardened steel it will last a lifetime and it’s sleek design ensures it fits right in your back pocket.