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"A different kind of cool"

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The first T.K.O. release in 2017 was a way for the Creative Director of Pas Normal Studios, Karl Oskar Olsen, to really experiment. Karl was afforded a luxury that most designers dream of, a blank canvas. The limited release was snapped up even quicker than PNS anticipated. T.K.O. 2018 was another chance to push the limits of technical fabrics and design even further.

“This is our new signature label for technical innovation and fashion based aesthetics. Karl-Oskar graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy and founded the Danish fashion label Wood Wood back in 2002. He has designed and created colabs with some of the most significant moderns brands such as Adidas, Nike, Barbour, Champion and Disney.

A cycling fan and bike rider since his early childhood, it was kind of always a matter of time before he put his creative energy into designing cycling apparel. As a founder of the brand, he has been at the helm of the Pas Normal Studios design from day one.”

“The T.K.O. label is the limited edition collection where he takes things to a new level in terms of design and technology. It is his way of trying out things that point in a new direction, adding patterns and designs to the distinct Pas Normal Studios level of quality in every single detail. Available in limited numbers only.”

Like on the bike, I always want to push things a little further. Try stuff out and see where a new look and a state of the art technical feature can end up. Based on our best possible materials and the most advanced level of production, this collection is where I can play out a different kind of cool” says Karl Oskar Olsen.