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When you hear the word Katusha immediate thoughts turn to the world tour team boasting the likes of Marcel Kittel and Tony Martin, but what many people don’t know is that Katusha is Switzerland’s leading technical cycling apparel line. Based in Geneva, Katusha Sports was founded in 2015 by Russian benefactor Igor Makarov and headed by former Salomon vice president Jean Philippe-Torgue with the desire to create the best technical clothing on the market. In order to meet and exceed the cycling community’s expectations, Katusha is driven by 6 key pillars; innovation, performance, pure style, attention to details, premium and comfort.

 Using the Katusha world tour team as a testing ground for product development, Katusha Sports views their partnership as a global 360° project in cycling.

“Katusha Sports is right in between the technical and the designer brands”

Katusha understands that cycling has become so much more than just a physical release for riders. Being fashionable while on the bike is so much more important to the everyday cyclist to the point where people won’t ride in a kit purely for its performance. So, Katusha decided not to compromise, they offer both high quality performance and highly considered style in the same product.

Designed in Switzerland and produced in Italy, Portugal and Romania Katusha have developed products that suit the needs for every level of cyclist and implemented these technologies across their range. A Pro rider rides all year long, in all conditions. It can be a nice sunny day in Mallorca, wearing bib shorts and summer jersey, or, it can be a long rainy, windy, cold ride.

Non-pro riders can face exactly the same situation when commuting from home to the office every day, so this focus on the top level performance has benefits when it naturally filters down to the rest of the product range. Katusha have developed very technical products to offer the best protection for their Pro riders, and they use the same technologies in their Performance collection and in their Commuter products too.


Katusha has designed ranges for all riding conditions and purposes, from riding in sub zero temperatures to hot and humid climates, there is a garment specifically designed for wherever your heart (or bike) takes you.